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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Beauty Bargain Alert: NYX Eyleliner Pencils

NYX Retractable Eyeliner
$4.50 at drugstores nationwide

I had completely forgotten, in the midst of my eyeliner conundrum, that my good friend Jane had emailed me awhile back about her lucky find...NYX Retractable Eyeliners.

She swore they were not only good, but better, than the Bobbi Brown liners she had been using at a fraction of the price and loving them for their glideability and long wear.

Though available in 18 self sharpening shades, you will probably only find a fraction of them at the drugstore, but the ones available are the good old standby shades that most of us prefer anyway--black, dark brown, charcoal and navy.

I picked up the navy, thinking if nothing else, it would be pretty on my upper waterline, (it was.)  I also tried it out yesterday on my upper and lower lids and Jane, not surprisingly, was spot on. The line is thin, heavily pigmented, neat, easy to apply, run resistant and most importantly for me, long wearing.

Thank you Jane!  I love to hear from my readers about their beauty triumphs, so please do share them with me, chances are good, I will share them with you too...


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