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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rejuvaderm Home Microdermabrasion Review and Giveaway Contest!!!

Trophy Skin's New, portable and less expensive at home Microdermabrasion system

And did I mention improved???  And that I'm giving one away???  Read on!

I first received a Trophy Skin MD Home Microdermabrasion System to try in March of 2013.  I'm not a handy dandy Girl, by any stretch, so I was a bit concerned that I would either not be able to operate it, or would remove half my face...Unfounded on both counts.

It was easy to operate, left my skin glowing, diminished fine lines over time and me being me, lightened every freckle and age spot on my body, since I couldn't resist going south.  LOVED LOVED LOVED it and still do.  I have used it weekly since the day I received it with fantastic results.  The only stumbling block for everyone I have raved about it to was the $300 cost. I also included it in my DivaDebbi Best of Skincare 2013 roundup.  It's a winner.

Is it worth it?  To me, unequivocally yes!  We are wear our face and bodies every day.  How many times a year do you wear that blouse, blazer or dress you picked up for just that price or more? As well, if you like the effect of microdermabrasion, one purchase handily covers 3 professional sessions, (which undoubtedly they will also recommend adding a facial or peel with; translation? beau coup bucks.)

So, who knew they could improve upon perfection, but yes, Trophy Skin did, by creating Rejuvaderm MD, a portable system, that also included additional tools, including a larger one for, (yay!),  the body.  In addition to the tool for blackhead extraction in the original, there is also a narrow diamond tip that is perfect for gently working around the eye and lip area and a tool to increase hydration with a serum after your treatment. (They sent me their own Argan Stem Cell Serum $39.  Oh the glow!!! I am mad for it, though I have not yet gotten the hang of how best to use that particular tool. It is one I will definitely be buying on my own.)

Best of all it is completely packable an portable and they lowered the price by $100. So, here's the amazing part.  My friends at Trophy Skin are letting me do a contest giveaway, by far, the best one I have ever had to offer my loyal DivaDebbi readers.

So how can you enter to win your own Rejuvaderm MD?

Simple.  Two things please. 1) Leave me a comment on this blog telling me why you would like to try it with an email address to contact you if you win.  Vote for me to win a trip to Paris Fashion Week and leave me on comment on my entry page, (Debbi NY/CT.) wishing me Bon Voyage at the link below once a day until February 14th:

One good turn deserves another, donchathink???



  1. What fabulou giveaway, Debbi! Would love to win this because I think I'm obsessed with skin care as you are:) Dawn (would prefer not to leave my email address but believe you have it).

    I tried to vote but the link didn't work for me:(

  2. Well Dear Diva,
    You've been raving about this at home microdermabrasion kit for a year now, so sure, I would love to win and of course I will continue to vote to send you to Paris, no one more deserving! You know where to find me!

  3. I do Dawn! Its such a fab product! On you on FB? You have to Like their page to vote. Im in the mix! Scroll down and you will find me.

    Cin, you got it and thanks for voting xoxo


  4. I'm not on F/B, Debbi. If there's another way to vote, please let me know. At least I'm able to post comments now!:)

  5. I have had mircrodermabrasion at a medspa and would LOVE to try this kit at home. Count me in!!!!! I would love to see how it compares. - Sheryl Lee

  6. I hope you win I voted for you. I would love to win this. My skin has been beat to death by nursing school and night shifts!!! I need a pick me up badly!!!

  7. I just turned 50 today...yikes. This along with not being well for the past year or so...for the first time in my life, I feel like I now look my age. My skin looks awful and lines are appearing in places they never were before. I need help :) You get my votes anyway, my dear! jackie22 on PV.

  8. Debbi, you have my vote! Actually, I have been voting for you the last few days because you are my FAVE beauty/fashion blogger. Thank you for your great reviews.

    Home microdermabrasion? Count me IN!

    One question: how do we give you our email address without making it public?


  9. I'm in!!!!

  10. Hi Diva,
    You know I take your suggestions very seriously, and, seriously, I've discovered so many great products, thanks to divadebbi. I am dying to own this new gadget. Beautiful skin is important to me. I would love to win Trophy's Microdermabrasion System. Keep Glowing!

  11. Hello Be -You- tiful!

    Your skin looks flawless! I couldn't believe my eyes.
    Being a massage therapist and skin care therapist, I would recommned this to everyone. It is always important to be a step ahead as an esthetician.

    You have my email my love!
    Denise Liquore

  12. Sad to have missed this giveaway! :(

    Just curious though, are you still using the original kit up to now? I'm just wondering how long a kit would last. :) Thanks!

  13. Hi Gretchen,
    I will admit I have gotten lazy and its sooooo simple, maybe 10 minutes a week! It is an effective tool and certainly less costly than professional microdermabrasion. Thanks for the memory jog! It's all gain and we can all spare 10 minutes a week!


  14. lol! yeah, I just got on Google to search about microdermabrasion and good thing I landed here. :) So your kit still works? I'm wondering how long these home-use gadgets last. Thanks for replying, Debbi!

  15. Hi Gretchen,
    I don't think age would preclude it from working, just my own laziness LOL!
    I do also have their lower price Microdermabrasion system, which is equally good, less expensive, more portable and comes with an additional head for use on the body. Definitely a great buy.




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