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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Review: Lorac POREfection Foundation

LORAC Pro To Go Palette
$38 ($210 value)
LORAC Pro to Go Eye/Cheek Palette, created by their founder and celebrity makeup artist Carol Shaw, is probably the greatest thing I ever received in a goodie bag.

I use it daily and never travel without it.  It's jam packed with value, since it includes 2 beautiful blushes, 2 brushes, a bronzer and 6 shadows; 3 matte and 3 with a hint of shimmer. I also multi-task with it and use it as eyeliner, to fill in my brows and as a highlighter.

Genius is understating it.

When I received an invitation to sample their new POREfection Foundation, that trumpets and exact match for your skin type, coloring and coverage preference, I leaped.

To help figure out your perfect match, you answer a series of questions about your skin and the type of coverage and finish you prefer. It reminded me of that gizmo Clinique used to have at the counter (or do they still?), to help you determine what type of 3-Step Skincare program was right for you.

Here is a link so you can try it yourself.

Based on my answers, including having "normal" skin, my POREfection Foundation was scored as a PR6 and that is what I received. There are a total of 10 shades offered.

Lorac POREfection Foundation
Good stuff is inside POREfection...I'm all for makeup that contains Vitamins, fruit extracts and SPF . The color was indeed a close match to my natural coloring, though I usually do go a shade darker and my pores truly were invisible.

What I did feel however, was that my skin felt a bit dry.  The Lemon and Papaya
extract do have an astringent quality and that may be the cause. I also requested a natural finish, which usually looks a bit dewier on me.

I went back to see what my recommendation would be if I had answered my skin was medium/tan, dry skin and a dewy finish. Did it change my POREfection selection? Nope. Still PR6.

So while I think this is a perfectly nice, lightweight foundation for normal to oily or oily skins, I'm confused about why the finish and texture are presented as a choice, when the only options are really based on shade.

So a hit and a miss for me, but maybe POREfection perfection for you...


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