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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hello Gorgeous: Sensai Intensive Hair Mask

Sensai Intensive Hair Mask
$57 7.0 oz

Lately, I find myself slipping down the professional blowout rabbit hole, more and more frequently...It's not just that my stylist Lucas Magnum at Becker Salon in Greenwich gives me a fabulous blow out, he does, but that it always looks shinier and healthier than when I do it.

Why is that???

Partially, it's product, though I have all the good ones too.  I like that fact that their shampoos are never rushed, and every client will sit for a few minutes with their freshly conditioned hair wrapped in a steaming towel for further absorption. Also of course technique, brushes (multiples often are wrapped and rolled while Lucas works on other sections) and the best blow dryers.

Still, I can't always have it blown but I need to achieve a better result than the puffy, dry hair I seem to be ending up with lately and for sure, I have been slacking on deep conditioning.

When I received information from my friends at Tractenberg PR about Sensai Intensive Hair Mask for extremely damaged hair, I wondered if that might be my ticket back to home hair care salvation and I promptly requested a sample.
Sensai Intensive Hair Mask is intended for extremely dry damaged hair and purports to add strength and luster. It is infused with 10 oriental herbs and smells deliciously of delicate flowers. It is available at both Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus stores.

The directions state that it should be used on freshly shampooed hair and massaged in and left on for 2-5 minutes, before rinsing out thoroughly.  I will admit, that this is always the part of deep conditioning that I finding know, the sitting and chilling part.

I knew immediately as the comb glided through my hair and I began drying it, that magic had happened.

Lustrous, shiny, well behaved, frizz free, stylish hair was mine, in half the time it usually takes to dry.

Kiseki wo okose!!!  Translation?  A miracle has happened.

For those who think $57 is a lot to spend on a deep conditioning mask, I can easily see getting at least 15 applications out of a 7 oz. jar, which brings it to less than $4 a treatment. This stuff is fantastic and by far, the best hair mask I have ever used.

From where I'm sitting it's a total bargain and beautiful hair is the payback.  The only one who might not be as happy about it is Lucas, but somehow I'll make it up to him...



  1. I've been on the quest for shinier hair. How frequently do you use Sensai? Weekly?

  2. At least twice a month Maryl. I need to start bringing it to my salon with me. It smells absolutely delicious too!




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