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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Allure of Allure

When Allure Magazine debuted in 1991, it felt like a gift from the God's.  In the talented hands of it's longtime Editor-in-Chief Linda Wells, Beauty now had its own glossy; no longer just the lonely step-sister, banished to page 205 in the Fashion Magazines.

I was of course, in heaven  subscribed for well over 10 years.  Each month I looked forward to it's arrival and pored over their editorial picks. Then Beauty Blogs arrived on the scene...
The first Beauty Blog I discovered was Beauty Addict, written by the product obsessed Kristen Kelly. Readers like me, were equally obsessed with Kristen and somewhere along the way her lipstick flame fanned out. She was one of the best and an early inspiration to me. I still miss her blog.

The way we choose to receive information has completely changed in the last decade.  I read most of my news on my computer, iPad or Kindle.  I have let all my magazine subscriptions lapse, relieving me of the guilt of having to recycle them without  having given them so much as a cursory glance.

Glossy tomes still have their place in my life; on the beach, on a plane and always while I'm having my finger and toe nails tended to.  Rather than jotting beauty notes  into a small note book I used to carry, I now file all things that catch my interest in categories on an app on my phone.

One of the the interesting things I read in Allure yesterday, while indulging in a divine "spa" pedicure was a beauty tip given by the illustrious Dick Page.  Dick Page is one of the most sought after pro's in the beauty biz and is currently the Worldwide Artistic Director for Shiseido. (

What did I learn???

Dick Page suggests using a clean, fluffy brush to apply cream or gel blushes instead of your fingers. Page claims that fingers can leave streaks, where stippling your brush directly on your cream blush and applying to your cheeks will leave them looking streak-free, even and natural. I could not wait to try it this morning...

Sure enough, Dick is exactly right.  I tried it with 4 different products: Stila One Step Bronze, Stila Convertible Blush, Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge and Tarte's Natural Cheek Stain (the streakiest of the bunch.)

All four applied flawlessly and seemed to wear longer (while keeping me from looking like RuPaul.)

I will always have a soft spot for Allure and when I read something worth sharing, like this tip from Dick Page, I will pass them along to you.  I hope they will serve you well---maybe even Kristen too.

Once an beauty addict, always a beauty addict...



  1. I've always used a stipling brush to apply cream blushes and highlighters. My skin is very reactive to touch so applying with my fingers would temporarily redden my skin; then when my skin would settle down, I'd have uneven blush application. Using a good brush was a no-brainer and completely eliminated the problem.

  2. Good for you Eileen!
    It never occured to me to try this and I am amazed at how beautifully it works. Such a great tip. Got any others to share with us?!


  3. I now file all things that catch my interest in categories on an app on my phone.

    Which app is that? That sounds helpful!
    I do enjoy your blogs- it is always a treat to read your reviews and see your creations!

  4. I wish it was more techie, than is sounds; though it's hard to imagine apple users don't have an app for it. I still use a blackberry because I email so much for work and cant handle the iPhone keyboard. There is a notepad icon on my BB. I created my own lists to file things under, fashion, beauty, weblove, books, restaurants etc, since I can no longer count on my memory. It's not perfect but it helps!!!




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