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Saturday, April 6, 2013

My One Year Poly Anniversary

My One Year Poly Anniversary

Today marks my one year addiction Anniversary as a Polyvore member.  I know it was an indulgence on my part to include the sets that I created in my blog, but it has always included fashion, not just beauty, since it is an equal passion.

Polyvore is a very interesting place.  For starters, it is the much lauded brain child of some brilliant West Coast techies, who have parlayed it into a world class fashion retailing site and I urge you to visit.

For the fashion obsessed, we create and share our visions for our own and others enjoyment.  Friendships blossom.  Age, race and gender blur.  I have greatly sharpened my own eye, having the benefit of seeing what my European friends, always ahead of the curve, are seeing, often recreating fantastic street style from Paris, London, Milan and Barcelona.

In one year, my "sets" have been viewed more that 2,000,000 times and I have 4000 followers.  I have made some fabulous friends and I so look forward to meeting some of them in person at our Polyvore meet up in New York in June.

I come from an artistic family. I have a great love of art, but my hands were not equipped to present it, like my grandfather, mother and sister could.  Loren, my sister, preceded in me in school.  Art teachers were always delighted to have another one of "us" for a student...until they realized after day 2, that I was without any talent.

Polyvore let's me create with my mind and a mouse what my hands cannot.  Below is an example of one of my first sets, when I was just learning how to save items that appealed to me and how to curate them in an artistic fashion.  I enjoy seeing the growth, particularly since this was an arena I was always stunted in:

Sunday Afternoon Bridal Shower

                                                The Bridal Shower

My work on Polyvore has nicely received recognition from the Polyvore team as well as some of the designers who sponsor it.  I'm honored, since the talent pool is enormous.

So I thanked my many supporters on Polyvore today and I thank you, my loyal readers as well, for letting me share my passion with you. Think of it as my fantasy closet and yours...


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