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Sunday, April 21, 2013

3 Spring Makeup Trends To Try This Season

As much as I love makeup, and I do love it, I'm not easily swayed by beauty trends.  Let's face it, if they don't even look attractive on the models, how do us mere mortals stand a chance???

These TotalBeauty tips resonated with me because they are something any of us could try and possibly look prettier and if not, rinse and repeat...the usual.

We asked an expert makeup artist to scour the runways and pick the hottest spring trends. Here are the top 3

3 Spring Makeup Trends You Have To Try This Season
This is a Makeup article
Now that you've restocked your makeup back with the new makeup products that have launched for spring, it's time to put them to use. To get you started, we enlisted the help of makeup artist Taylor Babaian, who scoured the runways of Fashion Week to find the top 3 must-try makeup trends for spring. Click ahead to see Babaian's expert tips on how to recreate these fresh, new looks this season.

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