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Saturday, October 20, 2012

12 Worst Conditioners for Damaged Hair

I love when TotalBeauty supplies "Beauty Bits" of the worst products...It's like getting to peek at stars in bikinis with flabby bellies and cellulite, in the National Enquirer while you are on the check out line...a total guilty pleasure...

These 12 terrible conditioners not only left our readers disappointed, but using them also resulted in even more split ends. See the ones you should avoid now

12 Worst Conditioners for Damaged Hair
This is a hair care products article
Summer may have come and gone, but its hair-wrecking effects still linger. That's why we turn to deep conditioners for a quick hair makeover. But despite miracle claims on the packaging, not all conditioners are nourishing. Our readers said these 12 did the complete opposite of what their labels promised. See which conditioners you should never buy. average reader rating: 6.8

"This is such a BIG disappointment. It leaves my hair in a tangled mess." average reader rating: 6.6

"After using this conditioner, the bottom section of my hair become one big matted rat's nest." average reader rating: 6.5

"This conditioner smells good but it completely fails in the moisture area."

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  1. Scary! Have you discovered the best of the best? My hair needs a really good conditioner. I use gobs and gobs!



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