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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Heather Dubrow: A REAL Housewife

Heather Dubrow A REAL Housewife

I received an email from the a California P.R. firm asking me if I would be interested in interviewing (the beautiful, well mannered, perfectly groomed impeccably dressed) Heather Dubrow for my blog.


I kept thinking Heather walked onto the wrong set this season...she seemed much better suited to join the Beverly Hills cast, but I guess geography rules...She and husband renown Plastic Surgeon Dr. Terry Dubrow live in Orange County, so she joined the cast of the original Housewive's franchise.

What a breath of fresh air!!!

I had heard Heather grew up in Chappaqua, a leafy suburb in Westchester County N.Y., a stones throw from where I live and where the Clinton's currently reside.  It made for a nice introduction and starting point for our 2 part interview:

DD: You are a New Yawker! We have something in common.  I live very close to where you grew up in Chappaqua.  Tell me something you loved about growing up in Westchester?

HD: I was born in the Bronx and then my family moved to Ossining, finally settling in Chappaqua when I was in 4th grade. I had a great childhood and a completely normal upbringing. I have very fond memories of growing up in Westchester.

DD: I know your are an actress.  Did you go to California to pursue your career?

HD: I graduated from Syracuse University with a BFA in musical theatre.  My goal was to work on Broadway, but I had an opportunity to pursue a part in California and decided to take a chance on exploring it.  Things worked out professionally and then I met Terry, so the West coast became home.

DD: You and Terry seem great together.  Is this both of your first marriage?

HD: Yes! We both married a little later.  We dated for several years and that got married when I was 30 and Terry was 40.  It's been 16 years of happiness.

DD: And now you are married to a plastic surgeon.  Every Girls dream...well certainly mine! ...Honey, can you pick up a quart of milk and bring home a few vials of Botox???...

 HD: Laughs..Believe me, I hear it all the time and yes, I know I'm lucky!

DD: Do you feel that women scrutinize you trying to figure out what procedures you have had done?

HD:   Absolutely and it's a little frustrating.  All my features are my own. When I was younger, I had a very round face.  As we age, our faces lose volume, so my cheek bones are more pronounced.  I see a lot of scrutiny and speculation on blogs and Twitter about what I've had "done".  Do I use Botox and fillers as needed? Yes. 

DD: Is there a pressure to look perfect all the time? 

HD: As an actress, I would be recognized sometimes. Now, everyone has a camera and video at their fingertips,  I do feel more conscious of the fact that people are snapping photos and tweeting, so yes, I do pay a bit more attention to how I'm pulled together.

DD: You are so pretty, polished and thin!  How do you manage it with 4 kids under 8?
HD: I try and eat really cleanly. Lots of lean protein and vegetables. I don't get to work out as much as I might want to between the kids busy schedules and filming the RHOC.  I'm not great at pushing myself even though we have a home gym.  I'm much better with the structure and push of working with a trainer.

When I was pregnant with the twins, I went a bit crazy! As an actress, there is a lot of pressure to stay thin.  This was my one time to eat with abandon. I put on 60lbs! That wasn't fun to take off...

DD:  Do you have any beauty finds you can share with us?  Your makeup always looks flawless?

HD: For the show, we do our own makeup, but I do work with a fabulous makeup artist when we are attending events.  She turned me on to a great inexpensive find;  Wet and Wild lip liner 666. I just line my lips, fill them in and finish with a bit of gloss.  It's a great universal shade!  I'm also a fan of Dior's Black Out Mascara.

DD: I'm am the Personal Shopper at Richards in Greenwich, Ct. professionally and I appreciate your elegant taste...I certainly could NOT say that about many "Housewives"! I would love to dress all of for all the right reasons lol! Who are some of your favorite designers?

HD:  I do love Chanel, but it has gotten really pricey. I wear a lot of Valentino, and I think their secondary line Valentino Red is terrific.  I like to mix and match and feel perfectly comfortable pairing a Gucci pencil skirt with a Zara top.

I recently started working with an amazing stylist, Samara Nahabedian, who has great style.  My own taste can be a little too understated, so it's fun working with Samara, who will nudge me to be a bit more adventurous and explore color. She also saves me a ton of time. I recently discovered a new designer at Bloomingdales, called Sandro.  it fits my lifestyle to a tee and I bought quite a few pieces.

End of Part 1!

Tune in tomorrow for all the poop on the nitty gritty of being a "Real Housewife".

Heather is completely a Girls Girl and the real deal...don't you agree???


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