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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Wear Pink for...My family, for me and for all women

I Wear Pink for...My family, for me and for all women

I am very proud that Polyvore chose my set to feature on their home page as a "Member Spotlight" for this set (10-8-12). It such an honor! My set was selected from many thousands and viewed by over 200,000 people in just one day!!! I also received dozens of lovely messages from supporters. What a beautiful gift.

*Update: Today Polyvore created a new page that highlights all that is going on with trends, stars, members etc.  They again chose to feature this page.  It has now been viewed by over 500,000 people all over the world.  Really, I'm speechless...

It's October, which of course is Breast Cancer Awareness month. It will be a parade of pink, but it's all for a very good cause. I am also proud to be speaking at the Breast Cancer Alliance of Greenwich's annual fashion show and luncheon on October 25th. This incredible organization has raised and donated millions of dollars to research every year since it's inception!!!

 That is a huge WOW and I am pleased to have Co-Chaired this years Silent Auction, which we feel will be a great success.   You can view and bid on our items by clicking on this link.

As a nearly 16 year survivor, I am ever grateful to my family, friends, Doctors, clients, employers, fellow fundraisers and Polyvore friends for their unwavering love and support.

Truly, great strides have been made from the money that is raised for continued research, so do be generous. Truly, there is hope, because on many levels it's already here...

To your good health and mine,


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