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Sunday, October 21, 2012

What's the best mascara in the store???

Lancome Hypnose Drama
Every time I go to Sephora, (which needless to say, is fairly frequently,) I always ask the same question to the associates..."What's the best mascara in the store?"

Inevitably, all roads lead back to Benefit's They're Real, a mascara I myself use and have touted, despite its short lived shelf life and difficulty removing it.

Really???  You've got nothing else for me???

Frankly, I still miss my gorgeous Latisse lashes. Going through life, however,  feeling like  ground shards of glass were in my corneas was really not a working reality, (and we know I am not a beauty wuss.)

Yesterday, I asked my usual question and got the usual response...(if I didn't trust them so much I would think Benefit was paying them on the side.)  I told her my tale.  "Please", said I, "give me your number two".

And so, that is how I finally got to try a new mascara from Sephora, Lancome's Hypnose Drama.  I definitely needed some guidance, because like so many brands, different mascaras promise to lengthen, thicken, lengthen and thicken, add volume (definition between thickness and volume, please,) etc...and I totally glazed trying to whittle down my my choices.

The wand has a gentle "S" curve and she instructed me to first use it one way and then on the second coat, twist it around and use the other side, from root to tip. I figured I had nothing to lose.  I'm well known at Sephora and they are gracious about returns, particularly when they are exchanged for another item.

I had an event tonight, and if time had allowed I would have had lashes applied at  either the MAC or Benefit counter at Bloomingdale's, (no, I wasn't paid to say that.)  I'm going to start getting dressed now and I will use my Lancome Hypnose Drama for the first time. I'm not expecting false lash fabulous, but I'm hoping for close...

Here's how they came out:
Get me some Visine---STAT

I think they actually look fuller and longer than my Benefit fringe.

I just got home and now it's time to for removal.  If it's easier to take off than "They're Real" than Hypnose Drama is a keeper.

For now...



  1. I have been using Bobbi Brown's Extreme Party Mascara (silly name for this 50 something year old) and love it. Am on my fifth tube of it and don't want to try anything else. My lashes are long, so I really wanted volume and this does a great job, I really like being able to apply two coats without waiting for it to dry and no clumping. Give it a try the next time you are in Sephora. I did not like Benefits They're Real for the same reasons you mention.

  2. Thanks Lisa!
    I have used some Bobbi mascaras over the years that I thought were quite good. I definitely have not tried Extreme Party Mascara, but I will at your recommendation.




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