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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Picking Pixi


When I was a child, I really wanted to be Tinkerbell.  Flitting around,  sprinkling fairy dust in a winged costume seemed liked my idea of heaven.  All things in her image charmed me then and apparently still do. 

I did a Target run over the weekend.  I lose all track of time while I'm there, roaming the aisles filling my large red cart with stuff I think I need and can't resist.  I learned the hard way...the stuff does add up.

Case in point, I couldn't resist purchasing  Pixi  All-Over Magic in Rose Radiance, primarily because it was adorable (though I might have resisted it if I knew the price before hitting the checkout. It was oddly not displayed):

Pixi Beauty All-Over Magic in Rose Radiance $24.00 (!!!)
Also, I have noticed as of late that by mid morning on a warm day, my beloved Benefit Posie Tint, magically disappeared.

It had occurred to me that I needed the staying power of a powder, and though Rose Radiance did look a tad bright, I figured I could focus on the softer of the 5 shades if need be.

I knew of Pixi cosmetics and thought I remembered it was one of niche brands from London that Target carries.  Pixi was created more than 10 years ago by English makeup artist and beauty expert Petra Strand.  Her focus is on creating products that are good for your skin and enhance your natural beauty.

Today was unseasonably warm, so it was a perfect day to give my new blush a test drive.I layered it over my Posie Tint and stepped back to admire my handiwork.

It definitely looked brighter than I was used to, but I liked how it applied like a thin veil of powder and at different angles you could see it was not one flat color, but a melange with the barest trace of iridescence.  I decided to tamp it down with a bit of translucent Smash Box powder, so I didn't look so pixish.

It is as intact now as it was 15 hours ago, which included working out as well. In short...a keeper and I wouldn't hesitate to try Pixi again.

As I grew up, I outgrew Tinkerbell.  Pixies and fairies were strictly for children. I had moved on to bigger dreams...


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