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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sircuit Skin Cosmeceuticals: Supernatural- A

Sircuit Skin Supernatural-A 1.3 oz. $80

I don't think there is any debate that Retin-A, a product originally used to treat teen acne, also enjoys a well documented history of successfully minimizing fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. It truly should be in every woman's anti-aging arsenal and used at least one to three times a week, to increase cellular turnover.

Your teen, can probably snag a prescription, with a good plan for about $10.  Fill that same prescription for yourself at your local pharmacy and you may need to ask for smelling salts first.  My bill was a whopping $180...clearly they weren't fooled into thinking I was trying to eradicate pesky pimples.  

The next time a needed a prescription, I thought I would outsmart the system and get my Retin-A from a Canadian Pharmacy.  The product was perfect, but the amount of spam email I received for every kind of chemical compounded from the Periodic Table of Elements, was not.  The breaking point was my account being hacked, and every contact on my list receiving a "Merry Christmas" email, with details on how to purchase Viagra. Oy vey.

All of this brings me to the best non-prescription retinoid I have found, Sircuit Skin Cosmeceuticals Supernatural- A restorative retinoid creme.

I have used products from L.A. based Sircuit before, and I have always found there pure, natural skincare to be nourishing, gentle and potent

The reason I think it is so effective is because my skin gently peels, in exactly the same way it does with prescription Retin-A.  I find I only need to use it about once a week. 

 Here are the benefits of Supernatural- A explained:

  • Patent pending technology provides optimal retinaldehyde stability and potency.
  • Helps to revitalize stressed, aging skin and protect against collagen breakdown.
  • Provides barrier function support to maintain skin health.
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and hyperpigmentation.
  • Smooths skin and improves radiance, clarity and tone.
  • Minimizes irritation commonly associated with the use of retinol.
Skin Type: Suitable for all skin types, especially for dry, aging and/or problem skin types.

How To: Using a spatula (to avoid contamination), scoop out a small amount and apply to face and neck using gentle upward movements. Smooth gently over clean skin, preferably at night. May be used nightly, however sensitive skin may want to begin by using 3-4 x week at first. If irritation or redness occurs, discontinue use until skin is clear and then begin using again.

Free of artificial preservatives, colors, or fragrance and always cruelty free.

Smartly, for those who wish to try it Supernatural-A before investing in the full size product, you can purchase a .4 ml sample for $10.  A little goes a long will know if this is as right for your skin as it is for mine.

I hope so...



  1. Debbi,
    How do you use this in conjunction with the La Peau regimine?

  2. I have been using it once a week at night instead of La Peau on that one night. I have used Retin-A for so many's hard to go completely cold turkey :)



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