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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Glow Getters: Murad's Intensive-C Radiance Peel

Murad Intensive-C Radiance Peel $49.50

I am a Girl obsessed with achieving a "radiant glow" and will think nothing of asking virtual strangers to recite their skin care litany for me when I see great skin.  

I received 4 glow getting products recently. They also suggest the promise of evening out skin tone, fading age spots and minimizing fine lines, with continued use.

My attention span for at-home products has a 10 minute max, so I'm glad all of these products did not propose anything longer. Even in repose, I am multi-tasking, so if I can slather something on that doesn't restrict my ability to read or type, I will try just about anything.

Numero Uno:

I am a fan of Dr. Murad's skin care products. I have never once tried anything that disappointed.

I was excited to try his new Intensive C Radiance Peel.  It's a no-brainer to use; simply apply the peel  to cleansed skin, leave it on for 10 minutes and gently remove it with a warm wash cloth.  I think the "peel" refers more to the results than the type of product.  This does not dry to a paper mache mask that requires surgical removal.  That works for me.

Additional features and ingredients:

  • Glycolic Acid exfoliates to accelerate turnover of dark damaged
  •  cells, removing dullness and improving skin texture
  • Vitamin C and Indian Fig protect against free radical damage while enhancing skin clarity and luminosity
  • Myrtle Extract supports collagen production to boost youthful
  • resilience and elasticity

    My skin looked brighter immediately and felt fresh and hydrated.  There was no burning or discomfort, so I think even more sensitive skins would tolerate this well.

    One to try...(even better, if you are reading this during the week of 5/19/12, they are having 20% Friends and Family special, plus free shipping).

    A perfect prep for summer parties and celebrations to help you look your best, without the time and expense of a facial

    Tune in to learn about my results with the other three "glow getters".


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