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Monday, May 14, 2012

IQ Derma's SmartLash (5): Another important update

Lucy and the Chocolate Factory
Growing up, I loved Lucy, and rarely tired of watching her series.  Despite being able to quote dialog on cue, I would still find myself laughing.  I still do, when I stumble upon them.

The above picture, for anyone born after 1990, was a scene from an episode, where Lucy and her best friend Ethel, find employment at a candy making factory.  All is going well, until they amp up production and Lucy and Ethel have to figure out what to do with all the candy that is speeding past them, wasted.

That is kind of how I felt, when my third shipment of SmartLash arrived today--the trouble is 4 months later, I am still on my first tube.  I  opted for a 60 day renewal with my DermStore automatic renewal to maintain the bargain price of $29.99 vs. $125.  60 days seemed more reasonable than 30 days to me, but as far as I knew, it was either one or the other.

I will grant you, that I am not a great direction follower.  For the first two months, I followed my old Latisse regimen and applied it once nightly.

 I re-read my SmartLash  instructions and found I was supposed to be using it twice a day.  Since I was pleased with my results with only one application, I was soon thrilled with what two provided.  Still, I just had too much product on hand.

I always find the DermStore operators to be incredibly pleasant and efficient.
I explained my Divalemma, and was delighted to find that I could change my renewal from 60 to 90 or even 120 days!

I told the operator that I blog about this product and asked if it was OK to make this more public...she didn't think that would be a problem, even after I explained that in the online set up, the only options are 30 or 60 day renewals.

So there you have it. I updated to the 90 day renewal and my next shipment won't arrive until August.  I gave my spare to my equally beauty obsessed cousin Karyn, (whose lashes with NeuLash grew to the point of needing to trim them with a cuticle scissor.  I had no such luck.)  I am curious to see how she fares with SmartLash.  She was impressed with my success.

As I have pointed out before, not every lash product works on everybody.  If you don't see a significant change in a few weeks, you never will.  SmartLash works for me and now both the price and the timing of the shipments do too.

All good.



  1. OMG - you should be doing stand up!! One of my favorite episodes and know EXACTLY how you feel!!

  2. They were the best, weren't they?! Always happy to amuse Q.!


  3. My smartLash came in the mail today- I can't wait to try, so tired of put on the glue strips..

    S Cole

  4. I hope it works as well for you as it as for me! Don't forget, apply it morning and night.

    Fingers crosssed!
    Keep me posted.




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