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Monday, May 30, 2011

Paging Paige: OMG!!! 3-Day Straight is...

A miracle!!!   I will be sending a fruit basket.

I promised you two great summer finds this week, but I must include a third.  it's been unseasonably humid in the N.E. for the last few weeks and I have been looking like a troll.  I have never seriously considered a Brazilian (Blow-out...or any other sort).  Something about the chemicals, expense and extreme level of straightness just doesn't sit right with me.  Still, after Googling "Hair Relaxers for Caucasians" I was not impressed with my options. Until...
My gorgeous friend and client Paige came for a fitting last week.  Her tresses were looking pret-tay pret-tay sleek, while mine looked and felt like cotton candy.  What gives???

"Diva, I think I have something for you  to Blog about!!! "Have you tried  Frizz Ease 3-Day Straight???  I think it's fantastic!!!  So did I....seeing was believing.  I couldn't wait to try it.

In the interim, I also got an overdue haircut.  Billy, of Billy's in Mount Kisco had encouraged me to grow my hair out a bit. He looked aghast when I sat down and got to work with the concentration of a thoracic surgeon....I left 5lbs. lighter. A good start...

While on a Target run yesterday, I picked up John Frieda's Frizz Ease 3-Day Straight.(8.99). Though I don't dispute the effectiveness of Frizz Ease original formula, I never cared for the way this heavy oil weighed down my hair.   3-Day Straight bills itself as a "semi permanent styling spray".  The directions say to spray wet hair with 7-15 sprays, depending on length and thickness and comb through.  I was good for 10.  I was thrilled that the consistency felt like water instead of oil and my hair dried quickly, in sleek sections. Though it looked perfect after blow drying, Frizz Ease recommends sealing the deal with a flat iron, so I complied.

It's Day 1,and I have gone from Troll to Pussycat Doll...I promise to let you know how 2 and 3 work out...Paige,  I love you!!!  Happy Memorial Day all!  The official start of summer just got sunnier.

P.S. Barb, one of my bff's insisted on some photographic evidence.  Here is day three...Wednesday was absolutely oppressive, 87 degrees, with humidity as damp as the Rain Forest or an armpit--you choose:

All things considered better than the troll, no???

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