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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beautisol: Faking the bake beautifullly

Recently, I got to hug it out with  Anne, one of my regular readers who I had never met!!!...  Naki is a great mutual friend of both of ours and set up an introduction.  Anne enjoys reading about my antics and is particularly interested in my sunless successes, as she too, as sworn it off.  At my suggestion, Anne purchased Sircuit Soleil's Firming Mineral Bronzer ( and was very happy with the bronze as a coconut results.  What she was less happy with was the Pina Colada smell.  Did I have something less intoxicating I could recommend???  Good question...
Great strides have been made in Sunless Tanning since Coppertone introduced QT in 1960, staining women all over the country to a ripe shade of pumpkin. It was a great concept and ever since, cosmetic companies have been trying to perfect the right shade of bronze while camouflaging the noxious ingredients that activate it.  Despite more than 50 years, they have only been partly successful. Two of my Blogging Buddies,  Kelly from Gouldylox Reviews and Anne for Beauty Xpose recently wrote about their gorgeous self tans with Beautisol, that boasts an "80 percent reduction in smell with Pure Scent Technology" .  I don't have a clue what that means, but I was curious enough to ask if I might sample it as well, to find out.  Happily, they obliged.

Right off the bat, there were a few things that I liked about Beautisol.  You can choose between a formula for face($26)) or body ($39), oily or normal/dry,  Dark "Summer Glow" or Medium "All Seasons Glow".  I like there "one size does not fit all"  approach. I also love that the product instantly shows exactly where the color is being placed, so there  is much less chance of creating the dreaded zebra effect.  Beautisol recommends 6 things that I always do to ensure the best outcome (plus one tweak):

1) Exfoliate well in the shower
 2) Have a dry wash cloth at the ready to buff over knees, elbows, or anywhere else the self tanner may land in a nook or cranny
 3) Use Q-Tips to remove excess product from age spots or freckles so they don't darken---I like to dip mine in a bit of hydrogen peroxide (the tweak)
 4) Use latex gloves or an application mitt.  Beautisol supplied tight fitting gloves and I was very pleased with the tidy, speedy application and the small amount of product that was required, as a result
5) Apply at night to get maximum drying time
6 ) Wear dark p.j's.

I did this step by step on Sunday and again last night.  The scent as been described by other blogger's as "linen like". For me, not so much...unless your linen smells like Jungle Gardenia.  On the plus side, it did not smell like chemicals.  I will admit to having a bit of a challenge with it...this from a girl who may or may not realize she has stepped in poop.  My sense of smell, well, stinks.

Last night I decided to use some Nivea lotion over the Beautisol, hoping to diminish the perfume smell and not the efficacy...both worked like a charm!!!  I woke up with clean sheets, no streaks and an even "tan", without a hint of pumpkin.  Loving it!

Beautisol also offers something called Club Sol, to provide savings to it's regular users...discounted product and  free shipping to members.  Guess who is signing up???

What do you think of the results???



  1. Well what ever you did - you looked Mahvelous when I saw you today!! Although I'd love to give my bluer than white legs some color, I'm afraid I'm a bit too much of a low maintenance girl for this procedure!!

  2. I am so glad you loved it!!! It's fabulous. Although my sniffer stinks also, I would have never guessed Jungle Gardenia. I don't know that I can smell anything other than maybe a touch of linen. But again, my sense of smell leaves something to be desired. You look great!

  3. Thanks Q!
    Some lovelies, like you, are at their best on the milky side...this one is NOT for you!

    I do love it! Not a hint of pumpkin and none of the damage. Glad I saw yours and Anne's review!




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