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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Beautiful Day

The City always energizes me! Never more so, then when I catch it in it's full beauty on a sunny, crisp spring or fall day.  I planned on getting in a long stroll along Madison Avenue and stopping into Phillips to see Andy Warhol's exqusite 1963 painting of Elizabeth Taylor.  The buzz isthis portrait, in the wake of Liz's recent passing, may fetch more than $20 mill!  AW did indeed do a masterful job of capturing Liz at the height of her fame and beauty.  It was also worth a visit to see Damien Hirst's magical homage to the beauty of butterflies, aptly named "Tranquility".  If you are in the area (57th St. and Park Avenue), do pop in.

For once, I gave into reality that this day would be best enjoyed in ballet flats, so I did my best to still keep it looking chic in skinny jeans, a white cotton blouse and an adorable Veronica Beard leopard trench. I guess ballet flats are the modern day equivalent of  "sensible shoes" because even on Madison Avenue, there wasn't even a 50mm Choo, MB or Louboutin to be found. Good thing there isn't a ghost of a chance of Sex and the City 111...Carrie Bradshaw would have been apoplectic at the new shoe reality, or maybe she would have finally grown up too.

Besides all this fun, I was in town to learn about Elure and Pelleve, two beauty break throughs, each worthy of their own blog....
Elure, is an Advanced Skin Lightening Cream developed by Syneron.  Though it is non-prescription, it is available only through doctors offices (If you click on this Elure link, you can find a physician near you by entering your zip code).  This patented proprietary cream has been scientifically proven to temporarily reduce melanin and reveal visibly lighter, more radiant beautiful skin.  The key ingredient is Lignin Peroxidase developed from tree glam!

Where many patients have experienced irritation from Hydroquinone, the most commonly used prescription and non-prescription skin lightener, Elure is  clinically proven to be non irritating and has no risk of carcinogenicity, (until you use well over 17,000 tubes a day).  In addition, rather than the usual 6-12 week span before results are normally seen, 82% of patients saw significant improvement (that was confirmed by their dermatologists) in just 28 days.  93% rated their results as good to excellent!

Elure is available in either a cream or lotion form ($150) and they recommend using it twice a day in conjunction with their Ph balanced Facial Wash ($30).  I will be receiving my samples shortly and I will be taking before and after pictures to document the results on the front of  my lower legs, where I still have significant sun damage.

I recently had all the most obvious of my age spots removed by my Dermatologist, Dr. Ken Goldman with liquid nitrogen, (commonly used for wart removal).  Since I lived with looking like I should be isolated on a Leper colony for 3 weeks until they all scabbed off, I am finally doing what  MUST BE DONE:  not sunbathing this summer and scrupulously applying sunblock daily.  This is a huge step for me and hopefully, I will not fall of the wagon!  Certainly to maintain any positive results from this treatment and Elure,  I will have to do my part, otherwise, I learned all melasma can and WILL recur!

Sounds pricey but promising...What do you think???  Naturally, I can't wait to try it!


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