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Monday, May 16, 2011

Damage Control

Y'all are going to have to bear with me, as I adjust to my pledge to swear off tanning.  I not only love the look of being naturally, lightly bronzed, but lying in the sun also relaxes me deeply.  I'm not completely nuts. It's been decades since my days of roof top sunbathing with a double sided reflector and I've spent plenty of time under umbrellas in the last several years. Still,  in the early part of the season, I have always gotten a natural base that I can later enhance with fake bake.

As such, I'm in uncharted waters, so I will be reporting on products that will help me fake the "natural base" phase too. Sabrina from The Beauty Look Book reported on Dior's new summer eyeshadows recently.  Her fave was the gorgeous Rosy Nude 5 Colour combination and I immediately knew I would have to eyeball them in person.

Gorgeous, no???

Yes. but I was quickly side tracked by their two summer offerings from the Diorskin Nude Glow (foundation) collection, one in Rosy Nude and the other in Honey Nude.  Be still my heart.

This is how it is described:

Healthy Glow Summer Fluid ($46)
Diorskin Nude Glow invents a new vision of summer makeup: a dazzling nude skin effect that reveals new sex appeal. This beautiful skin routine for summer features three products in two steps: Step 1: the Enhancer and its radiance effect or the Fluid for a sun-kissed complexion. Step 2: the Powder to capture the light and sculpt the face.

This is how it is achieved:
By combining amber prism pigments and Mineralized Water Diorskin Nude Glow products recreate 3 factors of an ideal summer complexion to embellish all skin tones:
Healthy glow- the prisms- a combination of pearly and mineral pigments warm the skin tone
Radiance- they softly diffuse color and light to reproduce natural dazzling skin. A liquid to powder fluid melts onto the skin and transforms the powder to a soft finish that lasts comfortably all day long

"Like a sunny caress, the Healthy glow summer fluid recreates the dazzling illusion of a complexion bathed in the first rays of sunlight for a soft golden".

They ain't kidding!!!  This stuff is fantastic!!!  I have never tried anything that has this consistency.  It is extremely sheer, but still provides some coverage. It imparts a wash of color, (I chose 001, top left,) without appearing like a foundation that is 3 shades darker than your natural skin tone. The powder finish manages to be matte and glowing at the same time. I didn't feel any need to add bronzing powder to darken the effect, just a pop of blush on the apple of my cheeks.

My advice???  Skip the sun damage...even the base tanHealthy Glow Summer Fluid has got me covered and hopefully, you too. Genius.



  1. Yes, but did you ever use Baby Oil and iodine??? Once I spilled a drop on my beach blanket and was moderately annoyed that I'd leave a stain. A couple hours later, as I was shaking the sand off my blankie, I saw a HOLE where the drop had been!

    Please please please report back about Dior Rosy Nude (5). I so badly wanted to order it after reading Sabrina's excellent review, but she mentioned the word "frosty," and I slunk away. I like a satiny sheen, but anything too sparkly isn't good for me.

  2. Hi ZuZu!
    You can only imagine how that lovely concoction worked on our skin! Baby Oil and iodine was definitely around. I had then and still do, a mild aversion to greasy, so I never really got into it. I even gritted my teeth through Ban de Soleil, because I loved the way it smelled (there's a product ripe for revival)!

    I actually did not purchase the Rosy Nude quad but one that has a primer and liner in it, in a similar palette. Saks Greenwich is a cave!!! I was kind of shocked to see how what I thought were subtle colors looked harsh and garish in daylight! I did not open it, so I will be returning it. I am revisiting Rosy Nude! Stay tuned...
    Thanks for visiting!


  3. Thanks for suggesting some great make-up that gives a summer glow without the damaging effects of the sun.

  4. Ban de Soleil! My mom wore that, and I also loved how it smelled (but thought it looked bizarre going onto the skin because it was so orange), but like you, I am not into greasy. Put up with the baby oil/iodine so I could get nice and crispy, lol.

    I'll be looking for your palette review. :)

  5. I never did the baby oil and iodine thing, but used to romp around the beaches of Mexico (sea of cortez) and chug Pepsi Light in the light blue can! (anyone remember that from the 80's?)

    Now, no matter what type of sunblock I wear, I still get some color because the kids are in some sort of sports.

    Oh how the mighty have fallen! LOL

    I also used to use Ban De Solei and was super excited when they did a big relaunch a few years ago. Of course I had to slather on that orange goo!

  6. ZuZu,
    I did go back exchange my kit. I went for Rosy Tan instead of Rosy Nude, pictured above. I panicked a little when I opened it at home...they were appearing frostier than I thought in the Saks bat cave. Fortunately, they glow when applied...nothing OTT. While there, I was planning on checking out the Armani's similar summer palette, which had been reviewed a few weeks ago by Best Things In Beauty. Unfortunately, they took it out of Saks Greenwich, which is a free standing store. I LOATHE malls, so I won't be seeing it anytime soon. You might want to check it out though. It is quite possibly even more subtle.




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