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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Flips and Flops- DivaDebbi Rates the Red Carpet

 Part of the fun of  watching  any Red Carpet event, is the arrival of the jaw dropping, fire your stylist this instant, HOT MESS.  Yes, there were a few clunkers at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards...but I would have loved to see a few more!  Bwaahhhh!   Even Celine Dion looked understated (and impossibly thin after child birth) in Armani Prive as well as Helena Bonham Carter for Helena Bonham Carter in an original, by award winning costume designer Coleen Atwood.   I get a bit cranky about RC crashers...IMO, if you are not nominated, presenting or performing, stay home!!! (Yes, even if you are La Stone).

My three A+ faves of the evening are pictured here.  I just loved Gwyneth in this drop dead, way cool, shimmering, liquid,modern Calvin Klein gown by Francesco Costa.  Her super sleek hair was the perfect finish.  I literally gasped when I saw Mila Kunis arrive in this magnificent lavender chiffon and lace Elie Saab.  I loved her polished hair, makeup and choice of important earring.  Stunning.  Lastly, Halle Berry fully redeeming herself (after her Golden Globe woofer), in a breath taking nude crystal strapless Marchesa, with a spiral of architecturally placed ivory tulle at the bottom...Be still my heart!!!  Who else made the grade???...
The A-Team
 Natalie, naturally, looked beautiful, in plum chiffon, not surprisingly, by Rodarte, who controversially, designed some of her Black Swan costumes, but took all the credit.   The lovely Helen Mirren, who always looks glamorous, appropriate and sexy, in a shimmering charcoal grey Vivienne Westwood that showed off her still ample assets. I think Cate Blanchette is a languorous wonder and I like that she is not afraid to push the fashion envelope.  I adored her hair and makeup (and I am excited to soon be trying her secret weapon for flawless skin, SK-11 Facial Treatment Essence.  I promise to keep you posted).  Her lavender Givenchy was a walking work of art and was one of those gowns you wanted to love.  I almost did. An A anyway for effort and grace.  ****UPDATE:  OMG!!!  I just saw a picture of the back of this dress.  I wish I hadn't and I hope you don'tFUGLY

Boring Babes

Reese Witherspoon,  newly engaged, looked fine in her black and white Armani Prive gown.  It was reminiscent of the vintage Valentino Julia Roberts wore  when she accepted her A.A. a few years back.   I would have liked a little more originality and a little less Barbie hair.  My Twitter pals were GaGa over Jennifer Lawrence in the form fitting Calvin Klein red sheath, with terrific blond waves and minimalist jewelry (above).  I thought it all looked well enough, it just didn't say AA nominee to me and the dress could have been any one's.   Anne Hathaway wore some KNOCK OUT gowns during  her hosting duties, ( specifically a navy Armani stunner, a taupe fringed Oscar and and embellished strapless burgundy Atelier Versace gown).  The red vintage Valentino she arrived in was a little matronly.. I.wished she had chosen any of the above instead.  I liked  Amy Adam's navy sequined L'Wren Scott.  I would have been much happier with a little more skin and the absence of that emerald Cartier necklace, which jarred and looked like it came from a Museum Gift Shop in Santa Fe. Sandra Bullock  found redemption after her last Red Carpet debacle, in a simple strapless red Vera Wang,  with classic makeup and simple up do. I thought Jennifer Hudson's tangerine Versace looked nice on her newly slender frame, but they could have done a much better job of either covering up or taping her ta ta's,  (remarkable to see a natural set though).  Her hair and makeup looked too old...she looks younger and fresher, by far, in her new Weight Watchers commercials.  Speaking of all grown up, a slimmed down Mandy Moore looked lovely, but also older than her years, in a nude Monique L'hullier.  And speaking of naked Hailee Steinfeld evaporated in an otherwise pretty and appropriate  Marchesa for a 14 year old.  I would love to have seen the same dress on her in lavender.

The Do-Over List

Speaking of table top attire, Melissa Leo's Marc Bouwer  bow wow, looked like she was wearing an ivory and gold doily better suited to a Viennese desert table.  Florence Welch look like she found Nana's trousseau in the attic and wore her tablecloth.  Nicole Kidman looked ghostly in a Christian Dior table napkin, folded Origami style. Who could forget her in a chartreuse Dior stunner a few seasons back???  Someone must tell both she and Michelle Williams, (with  a platinum pixie and white Chanel gown), that Caspar is not their color. Scarlett Johansen's scarlet lace Dolce & Gabanna did her no favors.  Neither did mouse brown bed head.  I also did not care a whit for Marisa Tomei's ill fitting Charles James Vintage eggplant schmatta, (that she must have borrowed from Florence's Nana's attic).

So my Darlings, there you have my 2011 Academy Awards Report Card.  I would LOVE to know who you loved, liked and hated. 

See you at the Emmy's.



  1. Good round up! I did like Amy Adams dress, loved Cate Blanchettes hair and thought Mila Kunis hair, make-up and earrings were stunning, The lavender dress, not so much.

  2. I agree about Halle and most of the others but I thought Cate Blanchett looked like she was wearing a bib, just the ugliest top ever and she is too beautiful for that. That 1.2 million dollar necklace Amy Adams wore with that too tight dress took all the attention away.. when in doubt, do without.. and she should have done without the necklace. Marissa Tomei was going to some prom. Thought Gwenth, also a beautiful woman, looked like Judy Jetson or like she walked out of the Bar Mitzvah scene in Good Bye Columbus... excellent for a Bar Mitzvah, not enough for the Oscars... esp. for her. I was looking for the plate of cookies as well with Melissa..thought doily immediately.
    Love your blog, you're the best Deb!

  3. There were plenty of lovely dresses (Natalie Portman is #1 to me and pretty much all the dresses Anne Hathaway wore). I have to confess when I saw Lawrence in her dress my first and only thought was Baywatch Barbie. She does look like that. I also felt Marisa Tomei didn't fill out her vintage dress properly so that may have detracted from the look.



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