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Monday, March 28, 2011

Chin Up!: Facial exercises that make a difference

I used my first anti-wrinkle  face cream at 12, so it's really not that surprising that in my twenties while living in N.Y.C., I took a Learning  Annex course how to reduce wrinkles through facial exercise. I can still remember some of the youngish male's instructions:  to a slow count of ten, say the vowels A E I O U,  holding each one in a suspended, over exaggerated 2 second hold.  Vanity be thy name...
I revisited this topic last year.  I have done studio exercise religiously for nearly thirty years.  There is no doubt about the impact that exercise has had on the muscle tone of my body.  Intuitively, it makes sense that  the face could also benefit from exercise.  I learned  fitness guru Jack La Lanne was an early proponent of facial exercise and even included them on his shows in the 1960's!   The true guru of the genre is Carol Maggio,  who has been sharing her self taught method of Facercise since 1983, all over the world.  I purchased her Advanced Facercise video, ( tough good this be)? and invited my Mother, Sister and Aunt Dee to my boudoir to follow along.  We made quite a quartet on the end of my bed. The only thing we succeeded in exercising was our diaphragms, as we continuously fell into peels a laughter.  It was deemed unanimous---I'm insane.

Insanely,  I  persevered, on and off over the last year and a half, with some of the easier to remember exercises, when I remember to do them, (that's a whole other issue).  Carole's favorite place to Facercise is the car, so if you ever see me drive me grimacing like a mad woman, I'm not angry with you, I'm just firming my pterygoideus internus.  I would be fibbing if I didn't admit to seeing a difference...I do.

All of this leads me to an exciting press release I received from Mama Mio Skincare,  to introduce Nexercise High Protein Neck and Jawline Concentrate plus their Face Fitness Regime-two 30-second exercises to "define your jawline and slim your chin".  I adore Mama Mio's targeted products and the philosophy of its four female founders, Tanya, Jill, Kathy and Sian.  Basically they figure if they have ails that need addressing, so do you and thus they get busy perfecting solutions that get results and make us feel good about it in the process.  See Mother!  I'm not insane after all!

Here is what Mama Mio's Nexercise Kit contains ($45):
1 -Nexercise High Protein Neck and Jawline concentrate (it may only be temporary, but my neck looked sleek and firm immediately)

Specifically designed for the neck area; lightweight but hyper-moisturising, packed with collagen boosters, amino acids, firming proteins, vitamins and antioxidants AND peptide technology to smooth out crepe, plump up, mega-hydrate and strengthen giving you a firm neck and jawline.

2- Nexercise Face Fitness
Two targeted 30 second exercises to sculpt and lift your face.
30 seconds of Chin Up incredible double chin-fighting exercise
30 seconds of The Audrey brilliant jawline-tightening exercise
(you will feel "the burn" and the next day, the thrill of sore muscles...oh goodie!  It's working)

3-The Nexercise Little Book of Confidence
An inspiring and informative read that gives you all the information you could possibly want on Nexercise, how to do Face Fitness and our thoughts on skincare and life. (it's adorable)!

Why they love it:
• We love that this addresses the first place we see a change in ours faces – our necks and jawlines.
• We love this formula - With 10 amazing ingredients you know you will look your best today, tomorrow and
   in ten years time.   
*The formula is so lightweight but its moisturizing properties are mind blowing.
*We love how quickly you can feel those all-important jawline muscles working – very encouraging!
• Our necks and jawlines are lifted, plumper and smoother – we love that!

Why I love it:

Chin up Girls...


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