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Monday, March 7, 2011

Wherefore Art Thou Juliet?

I had the great pleasure of meeting Juliet Stewart this year, as a fellow committee member working on the 2nd Making Dreams a Reality Fundraiser, to benefit the Ashikari Breast Center.  I am greatly honored to be both the Chairperson and Honoree for this event, on April 7th, at Tappan Hill inTarrytown N.Y.  Juliet has been  a dedicated, creative, and tireless supporter. She has a quiet, elegant manner, in an Audrey Hepburn sort of way, but make no mistake...she is a powerhouse of quiet femininity. As the owner of  the Juliet Stewart Makeup Boutique and Studio in Nyack, New York and creator of her own unique perfume, Juliet, we both share a love for the beauty industry and for helping women look and feel their very best..

Juliet and I also have a shared passion for supporting the Ashikari Breast Center. I am a 15 year breast cancer survivor and the brilliant, compassionate care I have received is a testimonial to the skills of Dr. Roy Ashikari and his son Dr. Andrew Ashikari, my surgical oncologists.

8 years ago, the Ashikari's in partnership with my equally brilliant Plastic Surgeon, Dr. C. Andrew Salzberg, pioneered a groundbreaking reconstruction technique called Nipple Sparing Direct-to-Implant Reconstruction. This innovative procedure, allows high risk women undergoing prophylactic surgery (think Christina Applegate), as well as women with breast cancer to undergo one reconstructive surgery and wake up finished. Traditionally, implant reconstruction requires several stages, surgery, the insertion of "expanders", months of uncomfortable saline inflating skin stretching, and a final surgery to exchange the expanders for perrmanent implants. It was 3 years to late for me, but not for the hundreds of women who with the help of  FORCE, (an online support group for high risk women),  have made their way to St. John's Riverside Hospital at Dobbs Ferry to have this less invasive procedure that yields beautiful cosmetic results.  Juliet has devoted space on her website to explain her alignment with the Ashikari Breast Center, as well as a You Tube video she created to create awareness for this procedure. In addition, she is donating 10% of all purchases of Juliet on her website to the Ashikari Breast Center.   This 5 Star rave review  appeared in Sniffpalooza,  "The Ultimate On-Line Magazine for Perfume Enthusiasts":

Juliet by Juliet Stewart -New Fragrance Review
By Victoria Austin

"There’s a new girl in town. And she’s beautiful -- an unforgettable beauty.  And you will want to meet her…for many extraordinary reasons.

Juliet Eau De Parfum is the stunning creation of Juliet Stewart, a classic Italian beauty and seasoned artist in the beauty industry. “Be Unforgettable" and "Own Your Beauty,” is the philosophy from which Ms. Stewart operates. Her new fragrance was created to remind us of our own unique beauty and allow it to help open us up to all the power and possibilities within that beauty. Her words inspire, and her fragrance  more than lives up to the inspiration.

Arriving at Juliet’s dry down is as pleasurable as the rest of the journey. Warm Amber and Precious Woods from the Orient complete an unpretentious but bewitching path to beauty. As with the top notes and middle notes, the dry down is as soft as a cloud, nothing outlandish or disturbing, only enveloping and welcoming, and bringing that certain je ne sais quois that is elusive and beautiful.

Juliet is as masterful an Italian artistry in a bottle as I have found. Juliet Stewart is a skilled artisan who endeavors to inspire others to accept and embrace the unique beauty we each possess, and to celebrate that beauty without hesitation. Juliet Eau De Parfum is Ms. Stewart’s benchmark for sharing this evocative and transforming message.

And Juliet’s message translates fluently and eloquently across its utterly elegant and lilting beauty. To unleash your own unforgettable beauty, Juliet Eau De Parfum may be purchased through Juliet Stewart’s perfume website Juliet Perfume".

I have my own luscious sample of Juliet.  I can't help but thinking of Juliet whe  I'm wearing  since it is obviously  her signature scent.  It is a lovely reminder of a special lady and I am grateful for all she has done to create awareness and excitement for our fundraising gala and the Ashikari Breast Center.  If you would like more information about this procedure, the event or how to donate,  please email me on my contact link in the main page of DivaDebbi).

Here's to beauty...inside and out.


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