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Monday, March 14, 2011

Good Karma

The other day I caught sight of myself mid afternoon and realized I was looking a wee tired...except I wasn't...I think what had really happened was that my morning concealer stopped doing it's job. I am lucky not to have to camouflage dark circles every morning.  I did need  to do some type of retouching and piling on more concealer, instinctively, didn't seem to be the right solution.  WHAT TO DO???...

My personal Bermuda Triangle exists in Greenwich.  Sephora and CVS are nestled on the same side of the street, a few doors apart.  This summer, the chic and stylish Kimara Ahnert Makeup Studio opened right in the  middle, directly across the street.  Like a wide eyed 6 year old,  with their nose press up against the bakery window, I stood, transfixed.  Induced by euphoria, I had a total out of body experience and walked in and introduced myself. This is my idea of beauty heaven.  Since that day, I have come back frequently.  I LOVE Kimara's makeup and adore the sleek, chic packaging. I have never misstepped.  Somehow, whenever I have a beauty dilemma, Kimara is the one to solve it...

I popped into pick up a lipstick and gloss for my friend Nina, after she raved about mine the day before.  There at the register was Quick Fix, an all natural, botanical primer that can be used under the eyes, lids and lips, to ensure "smooth, long lasting makeup application"  or for quick touch ups, hence it's name.  Good Karma! 

Now that I am using it as a primer, I am not seeing the same breakthrough  midday that I had, but when I do need it a "quick fix" or when I am segueing from day to eve, it does the job perfectly, with out having to start from scratch.  Best of all?  For the month of March, Quick Fix is on sale for $20 at her studios or online.

Let's see if Nina notices my undereye circles...or the lack of them. I'll happily make a pit stop for her...There is always good Karma at Kimara's.



  1. I can't wait to stop by Kimara's!! I just haven't had the chance. I have been to the one in the city several times and always loved the products I bought there. Next time I stop by Richard's, I'll have to allow time to make a stop there as well!

  2. Q,
    You will be as enamored and addicted as I am!


  3. Makes me so miss my Greenwich Ave days! Please tell us the colors (and other products) you love!

  4. Hi Stacy,
    I am IN LOVE with my "sunset" single eyeshadow. I use it on my lids everyday, which makes them look full and bright. I have two shadow trio's that I hand picked so I know longer know the color names, but they are all in the bronze, cocoa, silver and grey family. I adore my mineral foundation in Natural Glow, which is a cross between a foundation and a tinted moisturizer...perfect for day time. I have almost worn out my Glam lipstick, a natural plummy nude. I just picked up a new lip gloss that has a "hint of mint" in it. It is clean and not gloppy and it tastes delish! You can find all of her goodies on her easy to navigate website

    Come back and visit!

    Thanks for commenting.




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