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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bra-llelujah! a Public Service Announcement.  Today I had a life changing experience.  It must be shared, shouted and shopped.  Immediately. 

I work in Greenwich, Ct. and consider it my second hometown.  I was never a mall rat, partly because I can never remember where I have entered and can't  bare the thought of having to riding shotgun with a Security Guard in search of my car to exit.  I also like to support local businesses, like Petticoat Lane for lingerie and sleepwear.  I can count on their friendly staff to always go the extra mile, like arranging transfers from their other stores and always following up with a phone call when it arrives.  Well done!

Oprah pointed out to us a few years back, that the vast majority of American women are wearing the wrong size bra.  That resonates with me....I'm not sure I have ever worn a properly fitting bra..have you???  I was once measured by a so called "fit expert".  Her assessment???  A 32 E.  I don't think so. 

Several friends and clients had told me about the bra line developed by Spanx inventor Sara Blakely.   The Bra-llelujah Collection uses the same materials for the back band and straps that is used in Spanx shapewear.  It is non-binding and incredibly comfortable to have stretchy straps (that don't adjust, but do stay put)  and a front closure, that eliminates the need for back  teeth hooks.  When I saw that it was available at Petticoat Lane , I asked them to bring in a few sizes for me to try, which they nicely did.

I popped in today to try them and had to keep myself from singing Gospel hymns in the fitting room. OMG!!!  This was a miracle.  The cups are lightly lined, but mold to the body.  There is an under wire, but there is no sense of being barbed by it.  It was so comfortable, that I tore off the tags and danced out of the fitting room.  I purchased the nude and ordered another in black. 

The entire Bra-llejuh Collection is available online,  32 E's may be out of luck, but the rest of y'all should find a perfect fit.  This Girls, is as good as it gets.




  1. Ooohh Ahh. This I like! Great Blog Sis. Can't wait to try Bra-llelujah!


  2. Thanks Sis!
    It's exactly what a man would have developed if they were required to wear an undergarment.


  3. Haha I always wondered about these bras! Great review!



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