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Thursday, January 13, 2011

You Said a Mouthful

The Northeast got pounded with another blizzard Tuesday night.  In stillness, the beauty is jaw dropping, but the treacherous roads created countless pile ups on the roads.  Happily  Richards chose to stay closed and keep everyone home safe and sound.   Yippee....SNOW DAY!!!!!

After spending the morning in bed with a large mug of coffee, my cat Scoots  and  The Doctors, I realized I could spend a guilt free day grooming to my hearts content.   Pure bliss!

My sister Loren sent me a text  to see what I was up to on this unexpected mini holiday...

"I have a mask on my head and face."

"Who are you"?

Huh???...  "Not a mask...a masque you lunatic"!!!

"Ohhhhhhhh!  That kind.  What are you using"?

 Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask on my face and Amika's Obliphica Oil and Sea Buckthorn Berry Mask on my hair.

"That's a mouthful!  Why do you need it."

"For deep moisture and to repair damage."

"You must use a lot of hot styling tools".

"Yup.  Plus color.  I use this at least twice a month.  It's the best deep conditioner I've ever used.

"What makes it so good"?

I guess it's the mouthful...  It leaves my hair unbelievably silky, bouncy and shiny and it revives my highlights.  What more could you ask for from one product"?

"Sounds amazing"!

"It is!!!  Time to hit the shower ttyl"


Just to be clear, I never use deep conditioners or masks "as directed".  The act of shampooing, rinsing, towel drying, applying and sitting naked for 15 minutes, leaves me, well cold.   Here's how I work around it before getting in the shower:
  • Microwave a large dollop of Amika Nourishing Mask for 20 seconds and apply it from root to tip. 
  • Microwave a small damp towel for 40 seconds and wrap your hair  for 10 minutes. 
  • Rinse thoroughly and shampoo.  Rinse and skip additional conditioner
  • Style as usual 
The unusual ingredients in this Israeli made mask ($40 for a 16.0 oz tub) are, "based on old-world Russian herbal remedies harnessing Obliphica Sea Buckthorn Berry oil to enrich and replenish dull tired hair.  The natural oils in the light formula  provide deep conditioning without weighing hair down. Obliphica oil is known for its regenerative and toning properties, nourishing hair follicles and restoring natural moisture and balance. It is also enriched with Moroccan Argan oil and Vitamin C".

Well, that explains it.  Where can you purchase Amika?  Online:, and at  They are also known for their styling tools, which are highly rated on every site. 

Will I be purchasing other Amika products???  Absolutely.  What difference does it really make if I bungle the pronunciation...I'll be texting or blogging about them anyway.



  1. Sounds nourishing and enriching - not sure I can deal with even 10 minutes outside the shower but I'll seriously consider it for outstanding results - this is when a steam shower would come in handy!!

  2. Q.!
    Re read my suggestion please! I NEVER sit naked and shivering!




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