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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wishful Thinking

In my youth, my skin was normal to oily. It drove me mad, particularly in the summer months, when I would invest in mattifying products by Lancome, to pre-treat my T-zone, which were amaz-ingly effective.  Every handbag was also equipped with its own set of Shiseido Pureness Oil Blotting Control Sheets, which soaked up spills quickly, without clogging my pores with heavy powder.  As a consolation, I would tell myself  wishfully,  that the silver lining to oily skin would be skin that aged well.  Happily, I wasn't wrong!

Now, however, my problem has reversed.  I find my skin feeling tight and dry during the day and I have been searching for ways to add moisture quickly without disturbing my makeup.  (Isn't it funny how we always wish for what we don't have).

I have used products by Lumene, a well established Scandinavian skin care company before and I like them, quite a bit.  They primarily use natural Artic ingredients in their products and the ones I have tried have a luxurious feel, that belies their reasonable prices, (it is available online and at CVS/pharmacy ).

I have been cruising for a new eye cream for awhile now.  In truth, I very often use my day and night creams in place of one. Do they really make a difference???   You tell me.  What I have noticed as of late, is between the wind, snow and cold, the delicate area under my eye has been left feeling tight and dry.   When I received some information about Lumene Time Freeze Perfecting Treatment,  I immediately perked up...why???  Because of its clever design.  It is specifically designed to stow in you handbag or makeup kit, so you can instantly renew your eye area anytime.  It deposits the perfect amount of product and doesn't disturb your makeup.  It also has a lovely cool-to-touch formula that feels great.  Most importantly it provides a visible, "instant lift". 

Here is how Lumene describes Time Freeze Eye Perfecting Treatment:

An effective and cooling anti-puffiness eye serum with unique soft-touch applicator. Serum helps to diminish puffiness and firm the skin with nature's ingredients; Arctic Heather, MetabioticsTM Resveratrol and plant protein. These key ingredients protect skin from harmful free radicals, supports elasticity and moisturizes and brightens the eye area.  The new innovative application system is suitable also for the most sensitive eye lids. Apply to skin around the eyes and also to eyelids to maximize the results. Fragrance-free. Contains over 95% natural ingredients. $19.99 for 0.2 Fl. oz.

As consolation for having to now deal with dry skin issues, I will tell myself that if this stuff is working in Finlandjust imagine how much more it can do for us here in the States...wishful thinking, of course.



  1. Hello DD,
    I find your blog very helpful as a senior in highschool. I have very oily skin for a while and this product doesnt seem to work. Do you know of any other products that would help? Your suggestion would mean alot

  2. Hi There!
    I am so happy you like my blog! I think Clean and Clear does a terrific line of skin care devoted to oily skin. I love their Oil Absorbing sheets. I checked out the reviews on TotalBeauty and they were higly rated.

    Don't fret too the long run, you really will have less wrinkles!


  3. I tried this on your recommendation and I do love it. As a woman in my forties I notice that my under eye area can get a creepy/dry look. This little miracle product does the trick, exactly as you described!



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