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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Can We Tawk???

I don't know about you, but I love me a good informercial, particularly if it's 3:00 a.m., when everything being hawked seems brilliant and life altering.  I never did go to see Joan River's recent documentary about her life, which I heard was quite poignant.  That said, she is not someone who's beauty advice I would generally consider...

Joan created a  "fill-in powder" that is applied directly onto the scalp, to thinning patches of hair, instantly creatiing the illusion of fullness.  They featured a series of brunettes, red heads, blonds and silver haired women of all ages, with thin and thick tresses, dipping and dabbing with abandon, into matching powdered pots.  Suddenly I was wide  awake and fascinated.  All of them, including Joan looked 1000x better!  Hmmmm....

Is that what that white space at the front of my part line is???  Who knew???  Have I ever pulled the trigger and actually purchased any of these irresistables?  Yes, I have...and returned everyone of them.  There is always an incentive, a free bonus, a twofer, or a payment dropped, "for calling within the next 10 minutes", but my resolve was strong. (For women with extremely thinning hair, I would absolutely consider giving it shot, however).

The next day, while on a CVS run, I happened upon Ardell's Defining Powder for $4.99 and had a light bulb moment...Sparse brows? Sparse part? What's the diff? I dithered between "taupe" and "mink" and erred on the side of the lighter taupe. I would have applied it in my car as soon as I hit the parking lot, but alas, the eyebrow brush proved too small for the task at hand.
The next morning, I applied Ardell's Defining Powder on to a flat bristled medium sized brush and applied it to the offending "patch".  Can we tawk???  It worked like a charm and made a visible difference instantly.  It also stayed put.  All and all?  A great hair day.



  1. What an easy pragmatic tip - will definitely have to put that in the book!

  2. Thanks for sharing this wonderful find; I'd be curious to know how it held up over time and if you're still enjoying using it?
    Great blog!!!

  3. Thanks Girls!
    Yup! Not only did I use it on the annoying part of my part, but tried it along the entire part.
    I am blessed with very thick hair, but when you show less white scalp, it DOES make the hair appear lusher and thicker. It's also great for touching up stray grays and it stays PUT.
    My Mother and sister Loren are no doubt sniggering about my latest dip into vanity insanity (hey, I like that...I will soon be quoting myself).




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