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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I had to laugh when I saw this candid snaphot on my Blackberry. We were at a fun and festive celebration at the new Yankee Stadium on Saturday night...There was something very Bewitched looking about this photo. I'm not sure if it was the black velvet wrap like Samantha's, or the dramatic eyes, complete with faux lashes like Endora's...perhaps a bit of both.

The fastest way I know, to add some sizzle to your own Red Carpet moments, is by sporting a full fringe of false lashes.  I am starting to notice them being worn daytime too...but mostly on the Bravoleberties from the Real Housewive franchise.

Do take heed:  DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.  False eyelash application should be left exclusively to the Pros.  It takes the patience and motor skills of a neurosurgeon to adhere them properly.  Trust me. I once dabbled in a DIY application and ended up losing one in a  Caesar salad at a black tie business event, gingerly pushing it aside like a discarded anchovy.   Mortifying.

MAC has a great selection of lashes and their makeup artists will help you select which ones will look best on you.  If you purchase them, they will do a complimentary application.  I think it is appropriate to tip them and it is always accepted and appreciated.  Skill level, interest and friendliness varies.  So does the tip.

Over the years, I have tried many times to have my makeup done professionally.  It is interesting to see how someone else sees you at your best.  Apparently, most artists like me better six shades paler and with just a dusting of eye makeup.  I recently attended a Bobbi Brown event and thought the intense concealer brought all the way up to my lower lash line made me look like an alien.  Just to test my own perception, I stopped in to work to get opinion from my Gal Pal's.  Is this how I am supposed to look?  Apparently not,  unless I am harboring the flu. 

I have now had several professional services at Kimara Ahnert in Greenwich and I feel very much at home in this gorgeous studio.  I booked my appointment with Melissa Sazza on Saturday with confidence, in part, because she is already familiar with my look.  You know you are in good hands when your makeup artist asks you "where you are going"?,  "What you are wearing"?  And "how do you want to look"?  Armed with the answers; "to a festive celebration, a leopard cocktail dress and lightly bronzed with a smokey cat eye".  Melissa knew exactly which direction to take.  I also learned that I am a better candidate for a serious tweak, meaning not starting from scratch, but having my own makeup enhanced and refined.  It was the first time in my life that I didn't go home and redo my makeup. Truly perfect!

Finding a talented makeup artist is best done by recommendation and if it is your big night, you should consider having a trial run before committing.  Try as I might, to recapture Melissa's handiwork, (which of course included my purchasing both product and tools in vain pursuit), it's just not the same damn it! 

Too bad I can't just twitch my nose and look this least I have found my magician. Here's hoping you find yours.


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