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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Everything is Looking Rosy

When I think of Revlon Lipsticks, I think of a an aspragus colored tube of their still classic "Cherries in the Snow", that always tasted vaguely of Jean Nate.

I am not a fan of perfumed lipticks, so Revlon, Chanel, Estee Lauder and Maybelline's new Color Sensation Lipcolor, do not usually share face time with my face.

On a whim, during a CVS run last night, I spent a few minutes perusing Revlon's new Colorburst Lipstick display. Pre-tay, pre-tay colors, I must admit. I also liked the updated square, matte, quilted, "tube"...Quelle Chanel, shall we say.

For 8.99 and a guaranteed return policy, 04 Soft Rose was looking, well, rosy. For once in my life, I decided to hold off till morning to test drive it, when my lips were void of all product and I could get a true read on the taste and texture, (normally I am applying it on the way home, while I steer with my knees).

What a hugely pleasant surprise!!! It had a delicious gel like consistency, that glides on like silk, and a deeply infused "burst" of color. The added kick was long wear. I also adore the color, which is a bit on the coral side of rose. I've been trying to figure out how to introduce this Spring's coralmania into my lip wardrobe, without looking like an extra from West Side Story. 04 Rosy, fits my Playbill to a tee.

Revlon's Colorburst , is an $8.99 lipstick, that feels and wears like a lip product that could be three times the price. If you log on to Revlon's website you can theoretically get a three dollar coupon, (I couldn't even access more information, which was all I was after), but maybe you will be luckier.

I am already feeling lucky enough, just to have found it at all.


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