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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Has Sprung...Again

What recession??? I think we have turned a corner Girls, not just with the luxury consumers, (who are my scones and clotted cream), but according to yesterdays reports on March retail results, across all sectors. Yippee!!! I just wish my feet were happier about it...what a week!

I am late in reporting Spring trends this year, (particularly since I am now focused on Fall trunk shows). This season just seemed at tad rinse and repeat to me. For example:

Do you really need to hear that nautical striped tee's and tanks are a must with shorts and cropped pants? Or that florals are blooming all over the dress market? Trench coats? How novel. Animal prints? Metallics? Safari influences? Short of bonnets and gloves has much of anything changed for Spring in the last 50 years???

What is looking fresh are the amazing shoes!!! For the first time since 7th grade, when I towered over most of my boyfriends, I actually wish I was shorter than 5'7. The heels on platforms, wedges and clogs are staggeringly high, but fantastically whimsical and look great with everything for day. For evening, wrapped and laced up versions look divine with cut-out LBD's.

The influence of the palette and silhouettes of Brunello Cucinelli are everywhere, (see photo above). His elegant, casual Italian sportswear is extending its reach into every price point of the market, (which is a very good thing, if you are not the type to pay $650 for the perfect cotton tank top). I am gravitating to more relaxed silhouettes in shades of smoke, bark, taupe, khaki and ivory all tossed together and shuhzzed up with a pop of something metallic or Lucite.

I am thrilled that the handbag designers have heard our cry; We are not interested, in carrying a bag that can accommodate a matched set of clubs. We also prefer our hardware and logos discreet and weighing far less that a set of dumbbells. I guess the consumer finally hit them right in the pocketbook...there are fabulous choices out there this year.

I haven't take the coral lip plunge yet, but it is looking fresh and new. In fact, if your wallet still hasn't sprung back this Spring, you can do what women have always yourself a new lipstick. Yves St. Laurent's Tangy Orange looks particularly tasty. Pair it with a big smile and any of the re-treads trends I mentioned and you will be the picture of fashion...

Trust me Dahlings!!!



  1. I so agree on these supposedly new spring fashions. Navy and white; safari and/or military inspired beige; florals; yadda yadda yadda. If only someone would come up with something original, I'd be all over it--even devoré velvet broomstick skirts.

  2. Thanks for the validation...I was hoping it wasn't just me Poppy!




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