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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Why Cheat???

I do make a consistent effort to deep condition my hair, it definitely does make a difference...I just never do it as directed. Why would I want to get out of a warm shower, to immerse my hair in conditioner for 20 minutes, chilled and tapping my foot, only to have to basically start over?

To get around this, I cheat. I microwave some deep conditioner and apply it to my hair, pile it loosely on top of my head and go about my business for 20 minutes or so and THEN get in the shower and wash it out.

I like John Frieda Collection hair products. Quite simply, they work well, without breaking the bank. I have always loved how my hair looks after it's professionally colored, partly because of the finishing glaze, that imparts a mirror like shine. On my last CVS run, John Frieda's Luminous Color Glaze Clear Glosser Shine Booster, transfixed me. Might it be possible, to replicate a glazed glow at home???

Clear Shine can be used like a regular condition or as a weekly treatment, applied to dry hair for 20 minutes, before shampooing---that's the ticket. They also claim the shine factor improves with continued use... Sold!!!. I had to control myself from applying it in the car.

Clear Shine is formulated for all hair shades. It smells delicious like the high end salon products they use at Warren Tricomi. It is less gummy and masque like than most deep conditioners. I could actually imagine using Clear Shine at the beach, when all bets are off and my tresses become my distresses. (Try growing up with a sister who looked like a Geisha). It rinses out easily and left my hair shiny, manageable and full of volume.

Do I love it??? Clearly I do!!! See you at the beach this summer, Sis.


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  1. Jane, I'll see you at CVS!! xox
    Barb Novack-Newman



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