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Monday, March 15, 2010

Foundation so Perfect You Can Apply it in the Dark

This morning I had to move my caravan of brushes, blushes, shadows, primers, moisturizers, self tanners and foundation to a bathroom with a scooch more daylight...we have been without power since Saturday. I had visions of emerging like Bette Davis in Sweet Baby Jane. Miraculously, I actually look good, despite the tremors, since my house is now the same temperature as a meat locker.

I must say, I can only attribute this to my new Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturizing Foundation. I finally took the plunge and purchased a foundation for normal to dry skin with anti-aging ingredients like Milk Thistle...I'm pretty sure anti-aging is code for mature. Oy!

Deep breath girls, the big leagues never looked so good! Bobbi's philosophy, that all foundations should have a yellow base, to achieve the most natural match, surely works for me. 4.5 Warm Natural gives me the most flawless, dewy, natural coverage I have ever experienced. It lasts without touch-ups from the moment you put it on, till the moment you take it off. It doesn't settle into or emphasize fine lines and my skin feels continuously hydrated. Jeez, I'm gushing!

I went on to Bobbi's website to see how others who tried it liked their experience. It's officially a love fest! Almost all of those who left reviews gave it the max, 5 stars.

I haven't left my feedback yet, but I will. Maybe they will even pick up my tag-line; Foundation so Perfect, You can Apply in in the Dark...Here's hoping you won't have to.


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