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Friday, March 26, 2010

DivaDebbi Turn's Two

I woke up to a lovely surprise yesterday! It's been 2 years since I started my Blog DivaDebbi and some wonderful reader was my 25,000!

I will be on vacation next week. Hopefully, with a little tech help from my husband, I can figure out the I.P.O. to send them my thanks and with permission, some beauty goodies.

It's been so much fun for me to do be a Beauty and Fashion Blogger. I have met some incredible people that I would never have had the opportunity to know. My brain gets a little exercise and best of all, I get to share my picks and pans with all of you, just like I always have, with my gal pal posse!

I know it's a bit of chore to leave comments on Blogger, but I do love hearing from you! There is also an email on my home page if you want to contact me personally. Please subscribe, if you want to receive updates automatically and continue sharing me with your friends...I so appreciate it!

I will be undoing an entire years worth of anti-aging efforts next week! I just finished my month on Filextra. I can't really see a difference in "mid-face sink", but then again, I don't think I had it in the first place. I hugely enjoyed the texture and instant glow, Filextra provides. I used it happily, night and day. If I ever get to the end of my anti-aging rope trials, I will buy this on my own.

I'm on to the next...RoC's new day, night and eye treatments, with, "E pulse" technology. I have used anti-aging products from the French skin care company before and I think they are quite effective. Naturally, you will be the first (of 25,000) to know my results.

Love ya!!!



  1. Congratulations on turning 2!


  2. Hey Debbi,

    Congratulations! Two years - that's a lot of work.

    You and Kari are convincing me I have to try Filextra. My skin is going to get confused with all I'm throwing at it. :)

  3. Congratulations Debbi two years of expert advice that is trusted is no small accomplishment.
    Thanks to you my skin is glowing!
    Joan L.

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