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Friday, March 5, 2010

Leaving it to the Pros

I was light on writing this week, my apologies...evenings after work were consumed by two board meetings, book club and the Greenwich Library Dinner at the Hyatt Wednesday night, honoring the very special Peter Grauer Chairman of Bloomberg, with the Peterson Award, (congrats Pete!!! Well deserved).

Sometimes you have to bring in the big guns...Wednesday was dreary and raw and I wasn't sure how I was going to rally. I had heard wonderful things about Lucas Magnum from Becker Salon in Greenwich. I've also seen some of his amazing work. I didn't have time to have my hair washed (though his luxurious 10 minute shampoo/massage in their luxurious body massage chairs is suppose to be other worldly). Could he just make my limp locks look lush? Absolutely! Warm, attentive and sweet, Lucas asked me tell him exactly how I wanted my hair to look. No one ever asks, though I often try and say how I would like my hair styled. I like fullness!!! Pin straight in my book, looks best on a twenty something or an Afghan.

We chatted about Fashion Week, where we both had our first back stage beauty experiences. Lucas was asked to style hair for L'Oreal, under the direction of the legendary Odile Gilbert for the Zac Posen show. Hugely impressive for a young stylist! Lucas didn't just revive my hair he gave me my ssshhhhush back!

Love you Lucas!!! I will be back and I will share you.

Next stop, a visit to see Andy Jablow, at Sak's, where she has been Bobbi Brown's lead makeup artist for the last 15 years. Andy is always in demand and I can tell you why; She is highly skilled, she oozes calm, she is a great teacher and a good listener. I could leave Andy's chair without bothering to look in the mirror and have full confidence that I would never look clownish, just a better me.

Love you Andy!!! I will be back, of course and I will share you, as I always do.

I left feeling so much prettier and than I did just an hour before. It was still raw and rainy, but I know longer gave a rat's patootie. I remained calm when the zipper on my dress broke and I had to cut myself out of it...I was looking, "fierce" as Lucas intoned, and neither the weather nor a wardrobe malfunction could put a chink in my confidence armor.

Confidence is the most beautiful accessory--sometimes you've got it, sometimes you need a little help getting it. Here's to the Pros and the fairy tails they create and the fairy dust they sprinkle.


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