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Monday, March 22, 2010

The I's Have It

When it comes to cosmetics, I am a mass of contradictions. Is there really a difference between luxury brand cosmetics and the stuff that lines the Duane Reade aisle??? You bet there is...The question is how much of a difference, and does it justify the considerable poll vault in price.

I own eyeshadow from at least a dozen brands. Do I love my Chanel Quadra Eye Shadows??? Yes I do. Have I ever received one compliment about my eyes or shadow when wearing them??? No. Nada. Not a one.

I do however, always seem to make an impression, when I am wearing Almay's Intense i-color, specifically, for brown eyes. Who'd have thunk it???

I like the concept. Shadows, liners and mascaras formulated to enhance your eyes based on their color. Intuitively, it makes sense. What makes my brown eyes pop may make your blue eyes recede and vice verse. Do they have the same silky milled texture of my Nars or Trish McEvoy shadows? No. The same staying power? No. But, with the help of Lauren Luke's great eye shadow base, intense-i color shadows is on a level playing field with the big guns.

i-intense can't turn my brown eyes blue, (the burning wish of my youth), but it does make my brown eyes prettier, without paying a premium and that is certainly a good thing...Now of course I am curious about the added benefit the liner and mascara may bring to the party.

Any feedback girls??? Let me know!


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