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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hail to the Queen

I was doing a CVS run the other night for the stuff you actually might need from the drug store...of course I had to peruse the cosmetic aisles first. I wanted to revisit gel eyeliner, after hearing great buzz about Maybelline's new version...good luck with that. Apparently, they can't keep it in stock anywhere. NEXT!.

I have whined before, about the dearth of lip liners available in a natural looking nude rose, that might blend into my lip line. Mass or class, it's nearly impossible to find. Believe me, I have swatched every one's's the Hope Diamond of beauty. I, for one, never understood the whole MAC Spice hysteria...why would I want pecan colored lips?

Lo and behold, I found myself in front of CoverGirl's Queen Collection. It makes perfect sense, to market Queen Latifah's radiant beauty to African Americans and it made me wonder why CG hadn't thought of it sooner, (I also wonder what QL's friends call her...anyone)???

I would have thought a display featuring Queen's (?), collection would be vibrant and hip, but it looked dour and muddy and could easily have been missed. I still couldn't resist checking out the lip liners. Who woulda thunk it??? Q135/Plum lasting lip pencil was looking spot on. $6.99???... I'm in.

The next morning, I tested Q135 on my hand with the last remnant of Clinique's Plush Pink, (which maddeningly, still has a few inches left, but will have to be trashed, because the ill fitting sharpener no longer fits on the end).

Ohhhhh happy face! I can barely tell one from the other, can you??? If I ever have the opportunity to see QL, I love to tell her how happy I am that she solved this beauty conundrum for me. I still have no idea how I would address maybe I will just curtsy.



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  1. Debbi,
    I tried the Cover Girl under eye concealer and found it to be greasy and unpleasant,and couldn't get it off my face fast enough, just awful.
    I will stay with my Maybelline yellow colored concealer in the shape of a lipstick, easy to apply, stays put and covers the dark circles. Just a tad of liquid base finishes the job.



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