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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I often hear the same refrain from friends and family, "YOU are impossible to buy a gift for". Really???...Why??? Has Sephora stopped selling gift cards???!!!

If you truly know and love me, this, in any denomination, makes my heart flutter. The joy of a gift card is the license to splurge on something even I think is extravagant.

Case in point: I have visited the Guerlain display before, trying to rationalize away the desire to spend $53.00 on face powder. On my own dime, not a chance!!! Gift card in hand, I am Kim Kardashian.

Receiving Guerlain's Meteorites Poudre pour le Visage, would put a smile on any beauty mavens face. The packaging is so pretty: a round, gold and pink cabana, that looks like something Jeannie would have lived in, on vacation. Inside, a kaleidoscope of powder balls in pink, raspberry, creme, gold, apricot and coral nestle together, looking sweet enough to eat. I love swirling them together, with a big Kabuki brush, as the last step in my morning maquillage. Tout suite, a quiet glow emerges, from ear to ear, (especially since I include my earlobes). A lasting finish, that keeps my make up fresh, literally, all day. I can't ever imagine getting down to the last perles. Making a great case for beauty amortization, I imagine I will be using this (free) purchase for the next 5 years.

Se magnifique!!!

So Dear, I know you peruse my Blog now and again...I hope you see this one. For Valentine's Day, skip the roses or the chocolates, a gift card to Sephora is truly the way to my heart, (unless of course you visited a jewelry store...then the above is null and void).

Happy Snow Day to my readers in the Northeast and Happy Valentines Day too.



  1. my Birthday was acouple of days ago and guess what my mom bought me? A gift card to Sephora, You can never go wrong with that haha

  2. Well Happy Birthday!!!
    Have the fun is just perusing the aisles and sampling all the goodies...the proverbial "kid in a candy store".

    Good choice Mama! Enjoy it!!!




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