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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Returning to My Roots...Again

There are only a few things, thankfully, that I purchase obsessively for fear of running out of them; paper towels, coffee and Clairol's Root Touch Up. Those who follow my Blog, may already know, that I am in fact, its original inventor, (as explained in Deep Roots April 15th 2008). Even my friends at Proctor & Gamble are amazed by my wily inventiveness.

I made 3 pit stops to CVS this week. I guess our continuous tundras, had something to do with the no stock and no re-stock supply of Clairol Root Kit, in all of the more popular brunette shades.

Urggggghhh! Mother Nature was now mucking with my plans for a little leisurely Sunday morning, the N.Y. Times, deep conditioner, and la roots. Pressed for time and in no mood to start drugstore hopping, ping, the light bulb went off. My solution was 3 aisles over and 10 years back...Just For Men for Beards and Moustaches!!!

Yes, as dozens of friends, clients, colleagues and of course Christopher, my genius colorist at Warren Tricomi in Greenwich will attest, that is how I kept my greys at bay, long before Lady Clairol got into the act.

Sho 'nuff, there is was! Nestled between the shaving cream and the Kiwi Black Shoe Polish, bottom shelf. I was surprised to see the sharp uptick in price to $8.99, back in the day, it was $5.99 and I often got them for less. Just For Men Beards and Moustaches is now more expensive than Clairol's Root Touch Up (maybe the men are snagging all those brunette kits and saving a few $$ in the process).

So how did it all work out this morning??? Seamlessly. I did forget, that JFM require only 5 minutes of use, compared to Root Touch Up's 10. I whipped off the towel figuring it looked like I picked up the Kiwi instead, but when it dried it was all good...Just like, Just For Men always was.


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