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Thursday, February 25, 2010

How Thoughtless of Me

I am heading for a bout of my mid-winter crazies...sun deprived, restless and cranky, I am seriously contemplating purchasing a Verilux Happy Light, an easy, all natural solution to chase away the blues, caused by lack of sunlight. If anyone has used this product, I would LOVE your feedback, (and I promise not to snap at you).

Since I am feeling mini, mentally, I was happy to receive a bunch of TotalBeauty Bits. Surely, they would have something interesting I could share with you. I read 10 Perfect Skin Secrets (featuring readers) and 10 Ways to Stop (or slow) the Aging Process, with as much zeal as I would have reading tips from The Modern Farmer. Just not feeling my A game, for sure.

Trust me new, except perhaps for the woman who is using Milk of Magnesia daily to control the oil on her T-zone---uh, no thanks.

I won't tell you, about a body lotion I was sent, with du jour organic ingredients, a sweet price point, and the consistency of Elmer's glue.

I won't tell you about the meditation tape I was sent, (and returned). Despite the haunting new age music, I am not going to be happy imagining I am on the beach. The only way I am going to be deeply relaxed and happy will be soaking up something cocoa nut infused, while soaking up some sun.

Don't worry, I'll perk up eventually...I just read Bobbi Brown, launched a Spring 2010 collection called Color Strips. 3 perfectly coordinated palettes for eyes, lips and cheeks, that does all the thinking for you...or at least for me anyway.

Beauty hope is at least, on the horizon.


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