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Friday, February 12, 2010

She's Bringing Sexy Back...

the developer of S Factor, Sheila Kelly that is...

Sheila is a former actress and classical trained dancer, who has incited a "media frenzy", with her unique classes that combine dance, yoga, meditation and pole dancing!!! The movements are a sensual, celebratory, soulful way to get in touch with your body, while strengthening and toning. She has studios in several major U.S. cities and has appeared on national news and talk shows, including the big Kahuna herself...Oprah.

I had the absolute pleasure of taking an introductory class with Laurie, Melissa, Lisa and Randi, young women who are supporters of Be Bright, Pink, an organization devoted to, "empowering high risk individuals to take control of their breast and ovarian health". Be Bright Pink celebrates the beauty and strength of women, by providing a sense of support and community for a better brighter future". An introduction to S Factor fulfilled this mantra to a P!

Our 2 hour class, was led by Jill, a powerful, warm, funny, seductress. The class was held in mirrorless, dimly lighted studios, with sultry music, and four poles. S Factor's female only studios, encourages women to celebrate their bodies while gently stripping away their inhibitions, (not literally). It is also a very challenging workout...if I wasn't so strong from my years of Go Figure training, I would have spent today on a gurney, (but practicing some great new moves).

This is the kind of experience you can't wait to share with other's that great! In fact, I'm already going back for another gal pals from work were all over it.

Don't worry, I promise, I will let you know when I master downward dog...on the pole that is.


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