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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

White Out White In

Love my Gal Pals! They are never shy to call, text or email, (often while perusing the aisles) for beauty product advice. Most recently, "can you recommend a deodorant that won't leave white residue on my clothes? I've tried everything"

Coincidentally, I received a sample of Dove's Clinical Protection and was about a week into using it. Clinical Protection, is an over the counter product that claims to be as effective as prescription strength products for wetness protection. The scent name, "original clean", sums it up nicely. It has a lovely, sheer texture and dries invisibly and TA-DAH has left nary a trace on clothes.

I looked for it at CVS, on a recent trip and was surprised to see the hefty $10.99 price. I don't have a wetness problem, but I do have a whiteness one. Will I be shelling out $10.99 when my sample runs out??? You bet. Susan B. this ones for you!

Speaking of whiteness, I was intrigued, when I saw Listerine Whitening Plus Restoring Fluoride Rinse. My dentist had prescribed a rinse to strengthen my teeth, but I soon learned that one of the possible side effects would be darkening them...uh I don't think so. This sounded like a more palatable alternative.

It is white, pleasantly foamy and formulated to freshen breath and restore enamel, when used twice daily. It certainly does a great job of keeping ahead of coffee, tea and wine stains. It would be also be lovely, if it is strengthening my teeth.

Fade in, fade out...two more beauty dilemmas solved.



  1. hmmm the price does sound steep - but then again, the cost of dry cleaning all your cleans with those white stains is much more. i will definitely be trying it. thanks!



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