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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fringe Benefits and Deterrents

Oy!!! I goofed and I am hearing it from y'all big time. RevitaLash is NOT available at mass retailers for $49.99. What I was seeing out of the corner of my eye, (which frequently neglects glasses, except for night driving), was RapidLash.
I found RevitaLash readily available on for an average of $69.99. RapidLash can also be found on Amazon for considerably less. I read many of the product reviews which were mostly positive. I checked in with one of my GlamourSquad buddies, Charu Sari of Butterfly Diary, who participated in a group trial of RapidLash with other Bloggers. She had a terrible reaction and had to discontinue use. She did however, whole heartily endorse neuLash, which is availble online and at Saks Fifth Avenue.

I first Blogged about neuLash in August, when I went to visit my Aunt Dee in the city. I squealed when she opened the door, remembering her days in Pucci mini dresses, pale lipstick and Twiggy lashes. Her lashes, after 4 weeks were insane! I was just in the beginning of my Latisse masochist phase, but made a mental note of neuLash, since she achieved great results with zero irritation.

One of my great joys on Holidays, is comparing notes with my equally beauty and youth obsessed cousin Karyn. Karyn is a top executive with a luxury retailer in N.Y. and always has her finger on the pulse of the best and latest offerings in the beauty and fashion world. Like two 6 year olds playing with our new Barbies, we sat in my Aunt Dee's foyer, with our 6 lb. makeup cases, comparing "must haves", (I have a list now stored in my Blackberry and which I will report on after purchasing...scouts honor). Most importantly, circling back, I couldn't take my eyes off her Bambi lashes, courtesy of you guessed it- neuLash!!!

Soooo, where do I stand??? It's a bit of a jumble. Latisse, clearly grew my lashes, but at a cost. RevitaLash is maintaining them nicely, but I can't verify they would have grown as long as my Latisse lashes. RapidLash is a less expensive, readily available alternative, which I have not used. NeuLash is expensive, ($150), but based on my DNA, grows piano shawl fringes with no redness, dryness, discomfort or a prescription.

If I had it all to do over again, I would start with neuLash. One thing to keep in mind, you must maintain your growth with some application a few times a week. Only you can decide if this works within your beauty budget.

Maybe by next Christmas, all these products will go the way of the flat screen T.V. and will be able to pick them up for a song...Here's hoping.



  1. What to do now? I love love love mascara and long lashes...they are my beauty secret. Should I continue using a mascara only or try NeuLash? I wonder if it will become addictive Yikes?!

  2. Well Helena,
    We know I am a more is more kind of girl, so of course I would be trying the neuLash in your shoes!!! Once you have achieved lashes long another to rake leaves, you will only have to maintain them every two days or so and a tube lasts for a LONG time.

    Go for it!



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