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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blogger Bliss

The N.Y. Times recently ran an article about a fairly remarkable shift in the way Fashion Bloggers are now being received...namely, with respect. (Bloggers Crash The Front Row). Not long ago, well known Bloggers were lucky to get press credentials and standing room only "seating" at the Fall and Spring fashion shows.

Now a 13 year old upstart, named Tavi Gevinson, is sitting front row with Ms. Wintour and her Vogue posse at coveted shows like Rodarte and Marc Jacobs. Come to think of it, this is not just fairly remarkable it is completely remarkable.

So what has changed??? In my view, the frequency and immediacy of how quickly we devour information from a gamut of sources. Magazines edicts are yesterday's news. Back in the day, I would look forward to receiving my monthly fashion and beauty magazines. They were the experts, who were privy to preview the latest. They would sort and sift and come up with pithy names for seasonal trends and dictate the do's and dont's, haves and have nots. Not anymore. We be infiltrating sacred turf. I used to look forward to seeing the Allure Editors Favorites, now I look forward to telling you mine.

Do I still read them??? Naturally...while I am having a manicure or a pedicure. Every magazine now has an online version of itself. I should do some research and see if their editorial staffs are now wearing two hats and creating "Blog" style stories.

Geez, don't they realize I'm available???

I still like to touch, feel and on occassion copy the looks that inspire from old fashioned print. J. Lo's clean yet smoldering coppery orbs, on the cover of January Allure caught my orbs. How was the look created and with what???

Apparently, I am on a Rimmel roll. J. Lo was wearing Rimmel London's newest eyeshadow offering, Color Rush Trio in Lynx, rimmed by Special Eyes Precision Eye Line Pencil in Black Magic, and I had to try it... so much for cutting and pasting. Step by step, I tried to recreate Scott Barnes makeup lesson onto my face and hoped for the best... I was delighted with the silky texture of the Trio and the way it glided on seamlessly. (For $5.17, I am marveling at the quality). I always use a light shadow on my lid and was surprised to see how different the effect was switching it up with the copper shade. Did I look like J. Lo??? Not exactly.

But to Allures credit, at least J. Lo did... and that's a whole other Blog.

Happy, Healthy New Year to all my readers!!! I love sharing my experiences with you and I appreciate you.


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