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Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Top Ten Beauty Faves for 2009 (Part 2)

Ready for round two? Just a couple of qualifiers: This list is not in any particular order. Despite, having tried dozens of terrific products this year, these made the cut, because they are in some way life altering and something that I will use indefinitely in the foreseeable future. This post is longer and more detailed than the last because I am spending the day in my jammies and have more time to devote to it.

6) Oraser- ZO Skin Health Daily Hand Repair- Daily Hand Repair is part of a trio of hand repair products produced by ZO Skin Health. Despite the wasting the SPF 20 while I sleep, the day version is richer and more emollient than the night, so I use this one twice a day. Packed with retinol, vitamins and anti-oxidants, this hand cream truly lifts away dark spots, plumps wrinkles, improves elasticity and softens cuticles. Nothing gives your age away faster than old looking hands. Worth every cent of the 6500 pennies it costs...and yes, I've contemplated using it on my face...many times. I'll keep you posted.

7) RevitaLash- It's hard to know exactly which came first, because I did use Latisse for a full four months, which did grow my eyelashes to permanent false lash proportions. Unfortunately, I endured severe irritation as well as garnet colored eyeballs in the process. I followed up with Revitalash, because like Cinderella's big night out, my new lashes were not permanent. My lashes with RevitaLash are full, soft, lush and if possible, LONGER, with zero irritation. It is also available on line and at mass retailers for $49.99, a fraction of Latisse's prescription only cost.

8) Christi Harris Brow Kit and Benefit Brows A-Go-Go - I wish I could pick one over the other but they both have their strong suits. Ever since I became obsessed with Juliana Margulies eyebrows on the Good Wife, I became aware of how much a well defined eyebrow and arch can enhance your looks. (sidebar to friends, if you think I am staring at your eyebrows when we're talking, I am). I recently Blogged about my experience with the Christi Harris Brow Planing System. It gives step by step instructions on how to achieve brows that suit your face, plus a "planing" tool, that removes hair without pain, irritation or redness. The other plus is the "diffusing" powder, which softens the overall look as a finisher. The kit is available on her website for $39.99. You will save a fortune on waxing and threading. What didn't work for me are the shades of the brow powder in this kit ...thus the necessity of Benefit's Brows A-Go-Go. In addition to the perfect shades to blend for natural looking brows, this kit also includes a liner, a mini tweezer (which I no longer need, thanks to my planer) and a pretty pearly pink shadow to make your arches pop, all for $38.00. Can you guys tawk??? I'd love to only have to lug one of these around.

9) Rimmel Natural Bronzer- Another cheap and cheerful winner from Rimmel London! I am a relative late comer to mineral make up, leaving me torn and guilty as several expensive liquid foundations languish, unfinished. I had a recent epiphany. Why use a lighter shade mineral foundation and finish it with bronzing powder in two steps. What if a mineral bronzer could multi-task for me??? I decided to try the lightest of the Rimmel Natural Bronzer collection, 027 Sun Dance. For $5.99 and a money back guarantee from my beloved CVS, I had nothing to lose. Do I love it??? Naturally. It made the list.

10) My Smokey Classics by Lauren Luke- Lauren Luke debuted her make up collection at Sephora this summer, to great fan fare, (mine too), I Blogged about her remarkable triumph from an unknown, to a You Tube star, to a recently named Women's Wear Daily Award winning make up sensation. I recently met Sam Dark, whose agency manages Lauren Luke's P.R. at a mutual friends party. Though I had been meaning to order one of Lauren Luke's Complete Makeup Palette's for Eyes, Cheeks and Lips, I had not gotten around to it yet. Sam offered to send me one to try and I already knew I liked "My Smokey Classics". I love when my stars align like this and we happily exchanged contacts. The kit is a winner! It is sleek, compact and generously includes two tones of eye shadow primer (Lauren is ALL about eyes, and she strongly believes in laying the proper foundation, 3 Eye Shadows, 2 Lip Colors, Eye Liner and a Blush. The colors are rich and sultry and make me feel glam and special when I use them at night. I do however, use the shadow primers every day (and will continue to use them for the rest of my life), because my eye makeup stays fresh and put all day long. At $38.00, this kit offers tremendous value and for more of Lauren's know how, visit her website or You Tube. I do!!!

So---there you have it. Unless of course something extraordinary crosses my path in the next 11 days. Lots of you have emailed me your faves too! Please share them with others by posting them as comments.


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  1. I totally agree with your number 10 pick for 2009! The My Smokey Classics by Lauren Luke is to die for. Every step you need to create the perfect smokey look is all right there in one palette. LOVE IT!



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