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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Top 10 Beauty Faves for 2009 (Part 1)

As much as I enjoy writing DivaDebbi it doesn't even pay the Verizon bill each month. Thus my "day job" as a Personal Shoppper guarantees that every December, I will be a wee nuts. In my next life, I will be my own client.

I was reflecting on my favorite Beauty discoveries of 2009 and thought it would make for a fun Blog. Since I am crunched for time, I will do this in two installments.

1) Rimmel London's Fix and Perfect Primer- This is what you wish your skin looked like, when you first crawl out of bed. The gel formula comes in one "universally flattering" shade of pinky-apricot. Smooth it on and your skin is instantly brighter, more even toned and will keep your makeup in place indefinitely. For $7.99, I find myself picking one up every time I am in CVS, in a hoarder's hysteria. One word...GENIUS.

2) ReVersital 3 in 1 MicrodermaStick- This three in one multi tasker does it all! Exfoliates, cleanses and moisturizes. I use it daily in the shower on my face, throat and decollete. (It is a bit gritty, so your really need more than just the tap to remove all of those hard working aluminum oxide crystals). I am all about the glow and I am convinced that using this product daily, is every bit as effective as having a professional treatment monthly. Well worth the $95.00, it lasts for months and cost less than a single microdermabrasion session. LOVE.

3) Loreal's Telescopic Explosion Mascara- An innovative breakthrough! The unique spiked ball applicator, truly lets you go where no mascara has gone before. (Sounds like a Dyson's vacuum). It finds lashes you didn't know existed and lengthens the ones you do have to gastronomic proportions and at $9.99, the price is right. I will buy this again and again. BRAVO.

4) Living Proof's No Frizz Styling Cream- Singularly, the best product I have ever used in my hair. It completely eliminates frizz, makes styling a breeze, leaves my hair thick and glossy for days, and repels dirt. The cost is $24.00 for four ounces, but you need less product than the size of a quarter, with each shampoo. This is the George Clooney of beauty's in a class by itself.

5) Clairol's Shimmer Lights Shampoo- Like some fabulous old friendships I have rekindled on Facebook, Shimmer Lights is back in my life and I am wondering why I let so much time pass in between. Shimmer Lights keeps my highlights toned and fresh instead of brassy between visits. Even Christopher my colorist, noticed the change for the better. $12.99 at Beauty Supply Stores...Oh, and I checked you can become a Fan of Shimmer Lights on Facebook--who knew???

Stay tuned and if you have some of your own new faves, do share them...that way we can exchange gifts.



  1. ohhh i love mascara. that is the only make up item i cannot live with out. i use lancome's definicles mascara however for $10 I may try the L'oreal first. You offered a good description!

  2. Hi Goddess Muse!
    My absolute FAVORITE way to use Telescopic is as a second coat chaser after Cover Girls' Lash Exact in the PURPLE tube.(7.99...this would make an all time fave list for me) As a first coat, it is a bit time consuming.

    Either way, cheap and cheerful with a great result!!!




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