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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Peachy Keen

O.K. all you no makeup types...I know you would rather stick knitting needles up your nose, than use a foundation primer, but I have found one so good, you might get to skip using any makeup at all.

For the rest of you, who can spare 20 seconds, Rimmel London's Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer is my new beauty fix.

The peachy pink hue, (reminiscent of Calamine Lotion), brightens and smooths, minimizing pores and blurring fine lines...and that's not all. It keeps foundation fresh all day while absorbing excess oils. The cherry on my sundae??? The price---$7.50. Do I like it more than my Laura Mercier and Smash Box Primers? I believe I do and its a bah-gin, to boot!



  1. I have never used a primer before, but I might give this one a go! At $7.50 you cant really go wrong!

  2. Faye,
    I think you will love it! This primer immediately brightens your skin and you should notice your makeup lasting without fading, all day long. Let me know!!!




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