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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Well...I'm in Love

Again. I fell in love with Paris, in New York, in my twenties. It intoxicated me, even though I wasn't usually drawn to fragrance with rose, as a dominant top note. It was powdery and utterly feminine. I wore it day and night, through a romance that ultimately left me broken hearted. I got left behind and so, in retaliation, did Paris...never to be sniffed again.

When I had the opportunity to receive YSL's updated version Parisienne to review, I hesitated for a split second before deciding to bury the hatchet and I am delighted that I did.

Every product has a story and this is Parisienne's:

"The essence of a woman who is incredibly free—she is not from Paris, but Paris adopts her. She knows how to love, how to live. Parisienne is the fragrance of ultra-femininity and sensuality, built with notes of blackberry, damask rose, and sandalwood. The grand floral with a woody structure is luminous even in its mystery".

I couldn't have said it better! Parisienne is a delicious update...not nearly as rosy or sweet, it is rich and crisp at the same time, (if that is even possible). I also love the clean, elegant flacon it come in.

Fragrance is so incredibly individual. I am literally, head over heels over Parisienne. Will you be??? It's hard to know how those little perfume elves love to tinker with our body chemistry.

I checked the TotalBeauty ratings for Parisienne and was startled to see a paltry 6.5 for a rating, (moi gave it a "dix") Undeterred, I hopped over to Sephora's website where it was top rated with 5 stars, by 23 reviewers, ranging in age from 18-54.

What could account for the difference??? I haven't the vaguest clue--- for that, you will have to ask the perfume elves. In the meanwhile, I recommend sampling it for yourself.

As for me, fortunately, love was better...the second time around.

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