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Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Hit List

One of the the things we Bloggers do, is track our readership. I know an awful lot about who is reading Divadebbi. In February alone, I have somehow found my way, into the eyeballs, of people in 31 countries and 36 states... You like me, in India, Qatar, (excuse me while I reference my world Atlas), Wisconsin and Arkansas. I also know that over the last 11 months, since I started Blogging, well over 10,000 of you have read my Blog!!! May I say a heartfelt, thank you!!!. Please keep reading, sharing and subscribing.

Yesterday, I had an enormous influx of "hits". Why the spike? The analytical tools available can tell you, exactly why. My immensely clever friend Nancy, is one of the founders of a new "Lifestyle" website, called, "A Sharp Eye". Nancy, who is also a wonderful, loyal client, referenced, in an article, recommending the merits of owning a handheld steamer., (saves on dry cleaning bill, cuts down on ironing time and freshens clothes and curtains). Thanks Nanc!

Nancy, is my moral compass. She advises me, on delicate matters regarding guidance counselors, coaches, bosses, committee co-chairs and how best to navigate friendly tiffs. Commonsense, humor and worldliness are great attributes to have and share with your friends and I am lucky to count her amongst mine...With A Sharp Eye, Nancy gleans and dispenses useful information on a myriad of topics including, gifts, philanthropy, "green" issues, entertaining, travel, thrift, health and technology. It is concise and entertaining.

So, you too, can get to know Nancy and hopefully, we can reciprocate hits.
Check out and add your name to the free subscriber list. You will be amazed to find out all the stuff you didn't know, like how much you need to own a handheld steamer and which are the best ones to purchase.


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