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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom

I am not a particular fan of visiting the Dentist...Doesn't everyone request nitrous oxide for their cleanings??? I endure my biannual appointments, with the hopes of preventing future painful, costly trips. I leave with a too soft, undersized toothbrush, that I will use to clean jewelry, or store, in case a small child or "Little Person", arrives at my door, without toiletries, for an overnight stay.

A few years back, I had permanent molds made of my uppers and lowers, to create exact fitting trays, for home whitening. I have used, (and abused) them, over the years with moderate success. Yes, the directions recommend 2 hour use, but if 2 is good, isn't 10 better??? Besides, nowhere is it printed, that they must be removed before bed.

During this period, OTC home whitening treatments, rinses, trays and dissolving strips, have become hugely popular. Could anything available at Target, beat what I am paying a premium for from the Dentist? Doesn't that qualify for an uptick in results???

Time to see what all the hoopla is about. What makes most sense to me, are the dissolving strips. But which ones??? 3 Days? 7 Days? Spearmint? Vanilla mint? Crest for $34.99 or CVS, on sale for $17.99? These days, I am all about a bahgin...a tisket a tasket, CVS White Strips, in my basket.

All of these claims are true: Easy to use, pleasant tasting, freshens breath, fights tartar and lo and behold, REALLY DOES, whiten your teeth.
Oh, and it completely dissolves, leaving no messy residue...YA.

A few minutes into your whitening experience, things get a little gooey and gelatinous. I guess if they were upfront about the phlegmy, spitball, phase of the process, it might, deter sales...Besides, I am a Beauty Trooper and the stuff works.

All they had to do was add a little nitrous oxide and I would have forgotten to complain about it. Final verdict? I am trashing my trays...


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