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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Like a Virgin

I recently received another "sneak peek", from TotalBeauty. Every evening, I open my front door, hoping to have been delivered a gift from the hairy, fairy, who drives the UPS truck. Who doesn't love opening a present?

This time, L'Oreal, has sent two, shimmering, full size tubes, of their new, breakthrough, EverPure, "sulfate- free", shampoo and conditioner, formulated for color treated hair, (they knew)?

Sulfates, apparently, are responsible for stripping and dulling, color treated hair, (who knew)? They have figured out, how to add 5, "naturally derived surfactants", silicone and UVA and UVB filters, to protect our hair, for up to 32 washes. (That's 4 months worth for me...I hope 4 months of grey coverage will be the next "breakthrough", up L'Oreal's sleeve). In addition, they are 100% vegan and have added rosemary, juniper and mint, to the conditioner, to invigorate our senses.

As I have previously Blogged, (Chemical Dependencies, December 2008), I don't really mind, a little chemical zing. In my experience, that is usually the key to what makes something work. In my head, I have now made the leap that sulphates=lather. Without them, I envision what it would be like to be washing my hair, in dull, grey dishwater, at a Greek diner.

I could not have been more wrong!!! This was possibly, the richest, creamiest, most luxuriant lather, that ever trussed my tresses. Ohhh la la!!! It also rinsed out beautifully, without stripping my hair and leaving it too squeaky clean, (ya know)? Next came the gel like conditioner, that did smell minty and fresh...Much more Canyon Ranch than Greasy Spoon.

All and all, a fabulous experience, but as well you know, we are only at the midway point---How did it look after it was blow dried??? Without exaggeration, like the virgin tresses of my youth. Incredibly thick, glossy and manageable. It also stayed cleaner between washings.

I immediately mention it to my friends Suzanne and Lori, who coincidentally, chose to purchase it themselves. Both of them raved as well, about the L'Oreal EverPure experience.

If you are at the stage where most of your thrills and chills are coming from a shimmering pink tube, go buy yourself a little present. After all... "You"re Worth It"...


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